Monday, February 08, 2010

Sunday Recap

AoH had a really productive and long practice yesterday. We made excellent progress on the new song, "Then Window," and we also worked on an even newer piece.

I had to skip the Drunkdriver in-store at Reckless, as practice ran pretty late, but the nighttime show was excellent. Running played a great set to start the night off. Some of the bands were a bit too poppy for me, but nothing was horrible. I had not seen No Slogan in quite a while, and they upped the ante, for sure. Drunkdriver was dark, brutal, and intense. Maybe not as P.E.-crossover as sometimes gets discussed - Whip and the Body membership notwithstanding - but absolutely in line with bands like Sex Vid, Total Abuse, Cult Ritual, etc. The crowd went fucking mental during their set. I was glad to finally see them as I missed the Century Village show last summer. And it was nice to hang out with so many friends there. The Sorority was strongly represented, and fairly sassy and impudent, to boot!

All that, and I managed to still see The Who on TV. So much for the protests against Pete Townshend...