Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heavy Rotations

Joshua Hydeman (pre-release master) [Something like a perfect collision between Envenomist and the darkest Mammal recordings, along with Josh's last amazing CD, "Chiaroscuro." One of the darkest mood recordings ever. Period.]
Luasa Raelon "Vampyr: Light of the Beast" CD (Fatal Beliefs) [A really stand-apart L.R. recording, so well-conceived and composed; for fans of Lustmord, Wilt, etc.; new sounds are introduced and the pacing is really interesting, so no confusing it with Envenomist... speaking of which...]
Envenomist "Arclight" Cassette (Ideal Recordings) [A Loop reference? I always welcome new Envenomist material into the house. This both sounds and looks so good! I cannot wait for the April shows...]
S.R. Hess "Demise" Cassette (Digitalis) [A nice handoff from last week when Steven from Haptic played with Locrian; droning, yes, but not at all in a warm and fuzzy way. It can get rough out there]
Triptykon "Eparistera Daimones" (
Prowling Death/Century Media)