Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Flavorpill on Wolf Eyes 7/10

From Flavorpill

Music: Experimental

Wolf Eyes w/ Anatomy of Habit, Neil Jendon, and Rabid Rabbit

"As is par for many noise bands, being a Wolf Eyes fan is a full-time gig. If you include self-released cassettes and limited-edition CD-Rs, the Michigan trio sired no fewer than ten releases last year alone. Always Wrong (Hospital) is most noteworthy, not simply because it's the most "official," but also for its straight, no-treatment vocals and live drums. Especially if you haven't plumbed past the Sub Pop releases into the back alleys of their catalog, these nuanced changes are a minor revelation. There's still a mess of industrial clatter and low-end belching, but Wolf Eyes continue to evolve — even as their days of mass exposure have waned — and charm ever-eager Chicago noise fans. (Nate Young and John Olsen return hot on the heels of solo sets at the under-underground Mortville space just last month.)" - Stephen Gossett