Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Electronic Running Music

Yesterday afternoon. 95-degrees. Humid. Oppressive. Running on Madison. Headed back from Cicero. The prostitutes had even taken cover from the heat and the sun. Passing by Out Of The Past Records. House of dusties, R&B, funk, soul, etc. Once and a while something unusual pours from the speakers that sit on the sidewalk, on either side of the shop's doors. After MJ died it was all Michael, all of the time. Once I heard something more electronic but I did not wait around to confirm whether it was actually Kraftwerk or Afrika Bambaataa. I just assumed the later. Yesterday was a pretty weird one. I was dragging. Sweating. Tired. Then I heard a pulse. What, EBM?!? A very familiar synth line. Fuck me, the shop was cranking out the Liaisons Dangereuses song, "Los Niños Del Parqu." Not totally surprising, I suppose, as it was an influence on the Chicago house scene. Just the sort of thing that I needed to hear at that moment to pick things up for the last couple of miles. Later, it was a hot and sweaty practice with Anatomy of Habit. We were hard at work. The air conditioning is damned unpredictable in that building. Overnight, the weather broke. Heading back out for a longer but milder run now... Hopefully, the space will be cooler for The Fortieth Day's session, tonight...

FYI, related to
Liaisons Dangereuses, Beate Bartel (an early member of Einsturzende Neubauten)'s bandmate in Mania D - Bettina Köster (also from Malaria/Autonervous/Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige) - plays tonight at Wierd.