Sunday, September 05, 2010

Frontier Recap

My heartfely thanks to Mike T. [especially, as he asked me to participate], as well as to Kevin and Stephen -- for letting me join in on such an excellent event last night! I was really honored to get to add vocals to a few songs, especially since I primarily think of Frontier as an instrumental band, whether in drone, psychedelic, dub/post-rock, isolationist ['90s throwback term!], techno, or the more elusive "rock" mode that I joined them for. And believe me, all of those styles were woven into the fabric of the night. This was a "you had to be there" sort of spectacle, as the sound, the sheer volume, the multitude of lights, the dense fog, and definitely the crowd, really made it what it was. The three sets - with so many guest players - was quite a feat to pull off, so my hat goes off to these guys for all of the planning and the hard work that went into setting it all up. I am really looking forward to listening to the two LPs that were specially pressed and released for the event... they make a really handsome looking set of albums... but for today, I am keeping things pretty low-key with a string of early Rolling Stones albums, as my ears are destroyed from last night... particularly from what started as a "live techno" set... and which mutated into modulated beats blasting out of the Empty Bottle's PA, with rumbling bass and a tsunami of feedback and manipulated guitar noise... really massive and ferocious stuff! That was a nice bookend to the masterful and epic drone piece that they opened with a few hours earlier. My thanks also go out to everyone who came out to support. Thanks to everyone at the Empty Bottle for being such great hosts, as always, and especially to Tony and Che for making it all sound so good. And best wishes to Jill...thanks for being such a friendly and tolerant bartender at so many BLOODYMINDED [and all of my other] shows there over the years!