Sunday, October 10, 2010


- Another busy day. After a leisurely brunch in Brooklyn, and attempts to get across with out the L train running, I finally made it to MOMA to see Abstract Expressionist New York. The show was quite a treat, and a lot to take in. My eyes were burning by the end of it. It is the first time in the history of the new building that a full floor has been devoted to a single theme. Everything comes from the museum's own holdings, including the nearly 100 paintings - many of which have rarely been seen (with several by lesser-known AbEx artists) - that were part of the show

- After MOMA, I headed down to the East Village to meet a table of devients for Indian. Well, I had a nice, coconut-y Indonesian dish

- Then it was off to Swans show number three. Not quite like Chicago, but this was another great night where lots of friends were hanging out. The show itself had a somewhat more "hard effort" feel to it... the band seemed to have to push a bit harder. And that was a good thing. Less "flash" than the night before. Bowery Ballroom's sound system was not about the bass-heavy brute force from the night before... it was more about a cleaner and more fully-rounded palette. And within our immediate group, we were at three-fourths strength reunion from the final NYC Swans show at Irving Plaza. Nice!

- After snacks, Pieter and I went to Tendam to meet up with a host of Wierd family folks who were taking in Bushwick style minimal synth