Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Status - 10/26

- It was a busy night at the space last night. Isidro and I switched back to our Monday night schedule for weekly The Fortieth Day sessions. I am listening to the tail end of what we recorded right now and I can say with certainty that Mr. Reyes played some of his best bass, ever, last night -- creating beautiful patterns and loops over a plodding, minimal rhythm. My god, I should have just switched off my synth and let him go to town. Luckily, I managed to show some restraint and I faded in and out of the picture, or I just let my array of pedals drone on at points

- After we got done, I ran the same synth/pedal set-up upstairs to work on "Worshipper of Sores" with Indian, in preparation for Sunday night. We had a couple of straightforward run-throughs, at a nice, high volume. I think that Sean and I will blend/contrast really nicely, as we were focusing on different tonal areas. Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing occult-correct posters that Rabid Rabbit are putting up around town... I ran into them late last night and scored one

- I will try to get the weekend's packages in the mail this afternoon, before heading to Anatomy of Habit practice. We were expecting the storm of the decade, or something, in Chicago today, but it just seems windy and drizzly. Also, for those in Chicago, I brought Locrian "Territories" CDs to the downtown Reckless yesterday, so all three stores should have them within a few days