Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Status - 12/21

Reviewing last night's The Fortieth Day session. Weird night. Late start. We just had to start with a snowy drive up to Kuma's. Smallish crowd huddled in doorway/front. Isidro and I were sitting at a table within just a few minutes. Excellent! I had the special -- the Absu -- from a band who I had an early liking for, but lost interest in after a couple of albums. The Absu is a 10-ounce burger with the following toppings: a spicy tomatillo salsa, avocado and red onion relish, melted pepperjack cheese, fresh queso fresco, and topped off with three different types of deep fried chiles - jalapeno, habanero, and red fresno. Very tasty. The recording session consisted of Isidro on bass, loops, rhythms, and sequences, and me on Roland MC-202 through a long string of delay and distortion pedals. I played seated, due to the burger coma. It seemed like an about-face to the recent "restraint" sessions, but as I listen to it, it may not have been the forceful overload that I thought that I was experiencing. There is more nuance than I expected.