Saturday, May 08, 2010

Plague Brought

I got to Cobra Lounge a bit late as I had the opportunity to spend time with great people at a party thrown by BLOODYMINDED's merchandise director for her top-shelf beau. I caught the end of a heavy-duty sounding set by The Abominable Iron Sloth, who had a brutal guitar tone going. I ran across a certain Mr. Jendon at the bar, which was a pleasant surprise, and the two of us were soon bulldozed by the massiveness that is Plague Bringer. Josh was in some weird chimney sweep mode, covered in ash, and the duo blazed through a maximum intensity set. Excellent!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Archive04 Update

Prior to sending the next entry in my solo archive series to the manufacturer, I detected some clicks/noises in the recording that arose during the mastering process, so I am going to hold off on releasing it until June, rather than rushing to get a new master ready for a mid-May release. My apologies for the delay...

B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04" CD Insert Front

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hair Police!

It was great to see Hair Police, who were in town last night, at the Empty Bottle. It has been over a year since their last Chicago show, when Rita, Bruce, and I played with them at The Mopery. They played a different sort of set, with Robert and Trevor setting the tone with synth, electronics, and cold stares through aviator sunglasses. Connelly was at his most physical and unhinged best, crawling across the stage on his hands and knees, dragging his guitar and microphone along with him. Excellent!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Status - 5/3

- Following a busy weekend of catching up from the "lost" week before, spending two days at Art Chicago/Next, and making a massive amount of progress on the Anatomy of Habit LP yesterday, it is off to a session with Isidro for The Fortieth Day tonight

- All outstanding paid orders were sent out on Post Office runs on Saturday and this evening

- Speaking of mail, following the weekend of BLOODYMINDED shows and two recent P.O. box pick ups, I am buried under a mountain of new music that I am very slowly making my way through... New 7-inch singles by Wilt (Husk Records) and Neuntöter der Plage (Nurse Etiquette) were immediate picks to play... do not sleep on either of this little slabs of vinyl darkness! I will try to respond to everyone ASAP but it will take a while to get through all of the tapes, CDs, records, and zines/chapbooks

- The Fecalove 7-inch sleeves are in production at the printer and the audio master should be heading to the pressing plant very soon

- The Masturbatory Dysfunction CD master is in-hand and it is a total scorcher. I am really excited by how well it turned out!

- I am still catching up on a few things but I should be sending/posting the May update in a day or two, marking the "public" release of the BLOODYMINDED "Boston 2009" CD and the Los Heraldos Negros "Vivir Mejor" CD, which is another killer! Thanks for being patient...