Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sound Projector's Halloween Mix

The Sound Projector were kind enough to include a track from Locrian's "Territories" on their new Halloween mix:

Listen here:

Download here:

Pieter's Opening Tonight In NYC

Exhibition: Pieter Schoolwerth, Portraits of Paintings

Dates: October 30 - December 23, 2010

Reception: Saturday, October 30, 6 - 8 PM

36 Orchard Street (between Canal & Hester), New York, NY 10002
Tel 212.995.1774 • Fax 646.688.2302 •

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM or by appointment
Subway: F to East Broadway; B, D to Grand Street or J, M, Z to Delancey / Essex Street

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Status - 10/28

- Off to practice with Rabid Rabbit in a bit, just a hop, skip, and a pepper-spray jump away. Re-listening to the studio version of "Suicide Song" (AKA "Gloomy Sunday") a lot, the last few days, in preparation

- I took a long enough break from heavier stuff to make it through the entire Portion Control "Progress Report 1980-1983" box set on Vinyl on Demand and it really began testing my patience after a while. The "Simulate Sensual" compilation LP from 1984 might really be all I need by them, along with their tracks on a few compilations... "Chew You To Bits" from "The Elephant Table Album" being one of them. I just felt like putting Slayer's "Reign In Blood" on before I went running... which did the trick... or maybe it was the much cooler air? For the last couple of hours it has been later Nachtmystium at high-ish volume

- I am happy to finally report that the covers for the Atrax Morgue 7-inch are in production and they should be ready in about a week. I imagine that I will hold off on the November catalog until the singles are ready to ship

B!143 Atrax Morgue "Omicidio' 7-Inch - Front Sleeve

Goes Well With Espresso

With thanks to Miss Nicole for the yummy host gift... this is like a full-on dessert!

Dear god, look what they are doing for Dia de los Muertos!

The Reader on Halloween

From the Chicago Reader:

There are at least a couple active bands called Monarch (which is why you sometimes see an exclamation point after this one's name), but if you like it sludgy and heavy, this four-piece from the south of France is the one you want. They've just issued the long-delayed CD version of their fifth full-length, Sabbat Noir (Heathen Skulls), which has already attracted a fair number of slavering reviews thanks to a beautiful but expensive vinyl release in April. Their first album with drummer Robert McManus, late of Melbourne's Grey Daturas, it consists of one half-hour song (split into two parts for the LP) that begins with a creepy insectoid whisper of electronic noise and feedback, then slams into a slo-mo nod fest—though the drums, which manage a few more impacts per minute than the rest of the band, beat you about the head and neck and make it impossible to relax too much. The uncanny wailing of vocalist Emilie Bresson is buried so deep in the mix that she sounds like a banshee you might hear in a nightmare on the edge of sleep—only to bolt awake and find she's still there. Her eerie keening and wheezing adds a skin-crawlingly ethereal dimension to the band's grainy, glacially churning murk, transforming its canyonlike spaces into haunted grottos. Indian headlines; Monarch and Rabid Rabbit open.—Monica Kendrick

Frontier Videos

Mike from Rabid Rabbit/Frontier mentioned the other night that a bunch of video clips from the September 4th Frontier extravaganza at The Empty Bottle have popped up on YouTube. No shit, there is extensive fuzzy, blurry, muffled, and otherwise weird looking video online, from cellphones, etc. But the show was fuzzy, blurry, and expansive, so there. Some look better and some sound better. Here are a couple of clips that I pop up in...

For the visuals:

For the full suite of songs that I am on:

(Lots more on that user's channel:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Status - 10/27

- All paid orders received by yesterday evening have been mailed out

- Last night, Anatomy of Habit made great progress on our latest song, which is tentatively titled "Summation," and which we intend to debut next year (yeah, that sounds weird to say). The core structure is coming together nicely and the lyrics, which are a lot different than those in the existing AoH songs, are already in a good place

- I sat in on another Indian session this evening, to nail down my contribution to "Worshipper of Sores" on Sunday. It was suggested that I wear earplugs this time (I normally do not, as I am a fool) and yet my ears are still ringing

Tonight at Wierd

Re-Posting for Pieter:

Tonite's performance at WIERD will be an absolute celebration of the wild, internal, pathos-fueld battlefield of the physical body internal - of the wonderful powers inherent deep in the THROAT to be specific...yet this 21st century throat will have no voice to en-Counter as muse...but rather just present itself on stage as a smooth, long, wet and porous vessel of latenight pleasure ready to take you into the kingdom of its loins for 20 minutes of terrifyingly erotic, cold, analogue WIERD welcomes the premiere of 'THE DESCENT' a live theatrical performance extravaganza featuring the VReturn of performance artist, adult film star and absolute master of enjoyment XXPLXT Angel, with a live musical score by our beloved young heroes and perhaps the last true hope for keeping the fantastically violent, visceral power of industrial music alive in America THROAT(Margaret Margaret Chardiet/Pharmakon + Ryan Woodhall/Yellow Tears)...this will be an evening unlike any other in WIERD history...better take a quick pic of yr dick and sext IT while its still there, as you dare to get VERY ahhh nooo... :)))

Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancy

Time Out on 10/31

From Time Out Chicago:

Chicago's doom-a-rific Indian soundtracks the apocalypse. France's Monarch! cites “mainly Black Sabbath” as an influence, but things are even more sludgy, spooky and slowed down than the comparison might portend. The shape-shifting haunted house drone-psych outfit Rabid Rabbit opens.

Jim DeRogatis on Halloween at The Hideout

From WBEZ's Nightclubbing:

Finally, we come to my choice for the most bone-rattling, blood-chilling lineup of original music this holiday season, the three-band lineup Sunday night at the Hideout (a very friendly place, of course, but that sparsely populated stretch of Elston can be pretty spooky). “Halloween Doom” kicks off at 9 p.m. and features the Chicago doom band Indian, French metal maestros Monarch! , and Chicago monsters of rock Rabid Rabbit. The cover is $10 (and bring your earplugs!).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Luma's Corner?!?!

A little Chicago Halloween fun:

Status - 10/26

- It was a busy night at the space last night. Isidro and I switched back to our Monday night schedule for weekly The Fortieth Day sessions. I am listening to the tail end of what we recorded right now and I can say with certainty that Mr. Reyes played some of his best bass, ever, last night -- creating beautiful patterns and loops over a plodding, minimal rhythm. My god, I should have just switched off my synth and let him go to town. Luckily, I managed to show some restraint and I faded in and out of the picture, or I just let my array of pedals drone on at points

- After we got done, I ran the same synth/pedal set-up upstairs to work on "Worshipper of Sores" with Indian, in preparation for Sunday night. We had a couple of straightforward run-throughs, at a nice, high volume. I think that Sean and I will blend/contrast really nicely, as we were focusing on different tonal areas. Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing occult-correct posters that Rabid Rabbit are putting up around town... I ran into them late last night and scored one

- I will try to get the weekend's packages in the mail this afternoon, before heading to Anatomy of Habit practice. We were expecting the storm of the decade, or something, in Chicago today, but it just seems windy and drizzly. Also, for those in Chicago, I brought Locrian "Territories" CDs to the downtown Reckless yesterday, so all three stores should have them within a few days

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Arts In Garfield Park

BLOODYMINDED really needs to nail down a definitive studio recording of "Two Drops Of Blood"... Here is an interesting piece just posted on Gapers Block about some folks in my neighborhood... and me... with thanks to Kelly Reaves... and Andrea!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ronny's (Chicago venue) R.I.P.

Well, another venue bites the dust. Much like Cobra Lounge, etc., Ronny's never had a PPA license, thus, live music was never legal there. It finally caught up with the bar and with MPshows on Friday night as the City of Chicago came in mid-show and shut the place down. I had a couple of great shows there (solo with Wiese/Yeh + T. Hannum; Animal Law with Plague Bringer), a so-so show there (The Fortieth Day), and a semi-nightmarish show there (a later Animal Law show). I saw a couple of excellent shows there, too (Yellow Tears/Ahlzagailzehguh, Failures/Vaccine). It is more distressing to have one less option in Chicago...