Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crucial Blast on Mark Solotroff

Re-posted from Crucial Blast, with thanks, as always, for the thoughtful write-up!

B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04" CD - Jewelbox Front

B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04"

Part of Bloodlust's ongoing reissue series of past solo recordings from label boss Mark Solotroff (also of Bloodyminded and Intransic Action), Archive04 collects some mid-90's output that originally came out on the Italian death industrial label Slaughter Productions on cassette. All of that stuff has been out of print for years, so this series is great for any Solotroff fans that never stood a chance at getting their hands on these early synth-death works when they first came out. This fourth entry in the series is heavy stuff, the first two tracks making up the bulk of the disc with more than an hour of crushing tectonic harsh wall noise that forshadows the sort of black maelstrom that artists like The Rita, Vomir, and Last Rape.

These two thirty-minute tracks are from the 1996 cassette Evidence To Suggest Postmortem Sexual Assault on Slaughter Productions, each a vast side-long rumbling dronescape, like a muted HNW, all washed out and with almost all of the highs eradicated from the mix. A monstrous half hour avalanche of low end rumble that has subtle synth buzz fluttering on the periphery, becoming more apparent as the track progresses. The swarming black low-end drift is oppressive from start to end, a consuming mass of bass-heavy sound, a massive deathdrone wave of black lava washing over the earth beneath swarms of demonic locusts. When the second of the tracks kicks in, it at first seems to be less bass heavy, more of a fluttering, rumbling engine drone, a massive mechanical whirring trailed by swooping sine waves, still deep and murky and HEAVY, and eventually it flattens out into a similar expanse of churning muffled tectonic rumble as the first. This material is a must hear for fans of pure monolithic harsh noise.

"Blood Room", the third and last track, comes off of the Slaughter Productions.compilation tape Extreme Pleasures Vol. I. from 1995. It ends the disc with a jarring swarm of high frequency tones and swarming insectile chaos, the frenzied beating of millions of black wings, a sky full of swarming , chirping, squealing clusters of high-end noise.