Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unpublished Reviews

Our friend Scott McKeating, who writes for the British magazine Zero Tolerance, just forwarded an unpublished piece he wrote, some time ago, on a group of BloodLust! releases -- as a follow-up to the ZT article on BLOODYMINDED and a few previous BloodLust! reviews. With his permission, and my appreciation, here is his take on some older titles:

Ran single-handedly by Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded fame, the massively prolific Bloodlust! label casts a shadow over more than just its native Chicago. Focusing on combining strands of power electronics, industrial and noise, Bloodlust! punches through the spectre of those genres. The Fortieth Day’s Syria: 638 AD (The Complete Recordings) is a round-up of this project’s aggressively dark noise/ambience to date. Heavily processed improvisational smashes with guitar, synth and bass, these two thirty minute bricks are imperceptibly edited together. Expertly and intricately jigsawed in place, The Fortieth Day’s moulded harsh noise is made into something with a flow and a future.

Bruce Lamont, Right-Eye Rita and Mark Solotroff lay themselves bare with an eponymous live effort of a slow twenty minute unwrapping of viscera. Y’know that bit in Raiders Of The Last Ark where the Nazi bastards open the ark? This is how it should’ve sounded.

The self titled disc from Pharmakon moves between the black ambient and the more instantly satisfying side of harsh, angry and claw-fisted vitriol. The produce of New York based (or maybe more aptly New York sectioned) sole member Margaret Chardiet, this collects both very limited material and tasters of as yet unreleased drills to the head. Chardiet pretty safely takes the title for the most disturbingly pained and ire-aching vocals this side of any noise sponsored mental institution. Loop-a-delic post-industrial meets noise via subway warfare, Pharmakon does take prisoners – but you’re never likely to see them in one piece again.

For a massive dose of once-entombed-now-liberated drone psychedelia, time must be lost with A Peaceable Kingdom by Golden Sores. Smoke crawls through silent abandoned trenches for this duo, the beauty in their drift of ideas having a steadily forwards progression. Golden Sores are the sound of a pile of the most soaringly wrecked Dead/Floyd/Burzum bootlegs laid one on top of the other, slow rot osmosis doing its thing till its final breath.