Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Flavorpill on 3/15

From Flavorpill

Gutter industrial trio Salem make their Bottle debut after much praise for their two stellar EPs - the first of which, Yes I Smoke Crack on Acephale, sold out before it finished pressing - and a punishing new full length out via Merok. Conceptually, they're almost classical, but screw, juke and disembodied bass all feed into the murky lo-fi sound and, in the words of FADER, "celebrate release, whether from comfort or nightmarish inevitability." Silk Flowers are new signings to No Age-run PPM label and bring some east coast grit to the roster. Dean Spunt has called them "the weirdest band I know;" that's saying something. Analog synthesizer maestro Neil Jendon and BloodLust! labelmates Fortieth Day rejoin recent MCA video artist Lisa Slodki (Noise Crush) to open tonight's explosion of unholy rumbles.