Friday, January 28, 2011

Status - 1/29

- Mail order is up-to-date. All paid orders were just brought to the Post Office

- Now in stock at the BloodShop!:

Hydra "Anal Test" 7-Inch

Image of Hydra "Anal Test" 7-Inch

Super Eight Loop Pins

Image of Super Eight Loop - Pin

Previously only available with initial orders of S8L100, the 1-inch round Super Eight Loop pins are now available via BloodShop!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Status - 1/26

- Back from Post Office. All paid orders have been sent out. Thanks! The Final Solution cassette is out of stock. It is doubtful that there will be more, as both Chrome Peeler and Hospital are sold out

- Despite what everyone says about MySpace versus Facebook or Bandcamp or whatever, BLOODYMINDED still sees a lot of activity on MySpace. In fact, today we surpassed 100,000 profile views. Song plays still register daily. And even if less than 50% of our nearly 9,500 "friends" are bullshit, that certainly still beats the 500 people following us on Facebook. our Bandcamp page is already getting a lot of action though. The current top three songs being played are:
1. "In The Mood"
2. "Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - AIDS Ward"
3. "Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse"
And bless our little "Moonwalker"... not far back at #6

Sneak Peek: 02/18/11

Poster for February 18, 2011 show

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Status - 1/25

- Mail-order is up-to-date. All paid orders (BloodShop! + Discogs) have been mailed out

BloodShop! update

"Comfort and Critque" by Peter Sotos is out-of-stock. I hope to have more copies soon...

The Surgical Stainless Steel 7-inch is back in stock

I also just got stock of the outstanding Neuntöter Der Plage "Betwixt Descending Corridors" LP
Image of Neuntöter Der Plage "Betwixt Descending Corridors" LP

Sneak Peek: 03/22/11

Poster for March 22, 2011 show

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