Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reader on Mopery DVD

From the Chicago Reader

The Mopery RIP on DVD

Posted by Miles Raymer on Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 3:49 PM

The Moperys last show

For the couple of years it existed, the Mopery was an oasis of unkempt, wild-eyed, art-damaged DIY punkitude in rapidly yuppifying Logan Square. A vast and scruffy loft hidden above a nondescript neighborhood grocery store, it hosted a handful of tent-dwelling residents and an impressively packed schedule of visiting musical acts, many of them on the punk/noise/sludge axis.

Despite the sometimes aggressive amount of weirdness on display (see the aforementioned people living in tents), the Mopery was pretty widely beloved, and the venue's final show last August brought out a crowd that filled pretty much every square foot of it, extended down the lengthy flight of stairs leading up to it, and spilled out onto the street. The air was a dense miasma of sweat and smoke, compounded by the considerable background humidity of a late-summer Chicago night, and though I was only there for a little while I walked out completely drenched.

The event featured 13 Mopery favorites providing the soundtrack to the loft's sendoff, including Loose Dudes, Paper Mice, and Mark Solotroff. One attendee, Victor Spatafora, brought along what the blog Gonzo Chicago refers to as "a completely ridiculous" high-def video camera to document the action. Spatafora has recently put out a DVD of his footage for anyone looking to relive (or piece together memories of) that night.

Copies of the DVD are available at Reckless for six dollars, or through Gonzo Chicago for a suggested donation of five (e-mail

Recent BloodShop! Additions (3/19)

B!013 Dead World "Thanatos Descends" CD

Terence Hannum "Ablation." Zine (BLOODYMINDED)

Dead Body Love "Haarslev PB30/60" Cassette

Gog "Noriah Mills"/"Past The Deepest Gate"/"The Fruition Of The Occult" 2xCassette

Sickness/Slogun "The Scars Of Happiness"/"Always Numb" CD

Friday, March 18, 2011

Time Out previews 3/22 show

From Time Out

Cult of Youth matches intensity and menace with disarmingly tactile, even deceptively delicate arrangements. Long-running local noise-monger Bloodyminded delivers more traditionally aggro synth-rock, with even more agitated postpunk noise and industrial grime from openers Socially Retarded and Population.

Flavorpill on 3/22

From Flavorpill

Editor Pick

"If you're a fan of the Todd Pendu school of event booking, you have most likely encountered Sean Ragon's band Cult of Youth at some point. And while its sound is dark, this band's darkness is decidedly uplifting, its martial rhythms transporting you alternately to the barren West and to the heart of battle. Called a band to watch by Stereogum, Cult of Youth head off on tour shortly after their performance. So catch them before they go. They appear tonight with local noisemongers Bloodyminded, Socially Retarded, and Population. This is music that rises clear and strong above the noise and confusion of your internal battlefield.”

Rozalia Jovanovic, Flavorpill

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/15 show Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to see The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush last night at The Empty Bottle. We had a great time and hopefully this will not be our "annual" show. Preparing for shows with Lisa is always a pleasure, as we get to re-introduce the mesmerizing video element to our weekly sessions. It was also excellent to have James involved, for the first time. The fuller synth sound really clicked for us and definitely helped balance the rumbling bass and chiming guitar. I guess that it turned out to be sort of BLOODYMINDED in disguise. It was nice to have so many friends there, at what turned out to be a "technically" sold out show. The technicality was that there were a bunch of unclaimed pre-sold tickets. Weird. Neil Jendon was up after us, and while he seemed to offer the beat hungry audience some hope -- as Isidro's beats were about 20 BPM -- and people were bobbing their heads to Neil's throbbing modular synth -- it was only a matter of time before he switched to kill mode and unleashed some ear-gouging frequencies on the full house. You could literally see people recoil in horror. I have to say that it was a beautiful moment. Silk Flowers were up next and it was great to have them back in Chicago and back at The Empty Bottle. Compared to their previous show with Anatomy of Habit, their sound seemed clearer and more balanced and it felt like a totally accomplished and in-control set. Salem were up last and while some in the crowd were patiently waiting for a (Levi's/Fader Fort video-style) trainwreck, it never occurred. While the music was pretty basic dark dance music... sort of in the Q Lazzarus realm of synth-pop, with several songs having a strong female lead vocal presence, and their stage set had a handsome Dan Flavin influence, I could not personally get into the rap vocals, which were a visual disconnect, and simply not to my taste. It never got as syrupy-slow as I thought it might, either. The crowd remained pretty low key throughout the night, but polite and seemingly appreciative of the mixture and the progression of artists. Again, thanks to our friends, for their support. Thanks to Pete at The Empty Bottle for setting it up. Thanks to Patrick (Unur) at The Empty bottle for the great sound (all night) and the emergency guitar repair (phew!!!). Maybe again in the fall???

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tonight - 3/15

Poster for March 15, 2011 show

Note: James Moy (BLOODYMINDED/Anal Hearse) will be joining The Fortieth Day on synth for this increasingly very rare performance. Copies of the new "Constantinople: 746 AD" (Parts One and Two) CDs will be available at the show.

AoH - 3/12 show recap

Saturday night's show was a stone cold doom killer. For me, it was as good a line-up as I could ask for. I would be lying if I said that I was 100% confident about the situation at Pancho's going into it -- even though I saw a great set by The Atlas Moth back in November -- but there was nothing to worry about. The PA is solid and our sound engineer on Saturday, Jen, did excellent work with all four bands. In fact, I might say that Rabid Rabbit had the best mix that I have ever heard of them. Both bass guitars rumbled distinctly through the room, propelled by battering ram drums, while the guitar sliced through everything effortlessly... with some sick Hellhammer/Winter tones, to boot. And Andrea's voice has never been stronger and clearer in a mix. Sun Splitter was huge sounding, as always, blasting forth a dense, bulldozing fog, and throwing in perfect hooks to snap your head around, lest you zone out in their industrial wasteland for too long. The Body was up next and they lost none of the power from playing last year through the Empty Bottle PA. This was a crushing set. Less subtle than on their remarkable 2010 LP, the band as trio (with Dead Times electronic reinforcement) totally stunned the crowd with their massive doomy, sludgy, end-time missives. So powerful, so good, and such awesome guys! We (AoH) were up next, and despite my voice having sort of disappeared after dinner (from screaming over loud music all night?), we played pretty solid set. I had a couple of croaking "puberty" moments but in general I dropped my voice a bit lower and made it through. And the screaming parts are never an issue, oddly enough... just the subtle stuff.

My thanks to Andrea and Rabid Rabbit, for having us on the bill. Sun Splitter, for yet another killer show together. The Body, for just nailing it, spot on. (Uncle) Pancho, for being such a fun host. Jen, for making everyone sound so good. Vito and Brian at MPshows, for including us and for a smooth and easy night. And a big thanks to all of our friends and family, who came out to support us!

Onwards to Saturday April 9, at Subterranean, with Indian and Bloodiest... Fuck yes!