Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicago Sneak on Connelly LP

The release has not been officially announced yet, but Chicago folks wishing to pick up the Chris Connelly "Artificial Madness" LP on BloodLust! (B!172) may do so at either Reckless Records or Permanent Records.

Here is what Permanent had to say in their new update:

YES!  Chris Connelly's Artificial Madness was arguably one of the most overlooked records of 2011.  Originaly released on CD by purveyours of heaviness Relapse Records, Artificial Madness gets some serious hometown love in 2012 by Chicago based BloodLust! Records.  BloodLust! has been steadily releasing outstanding records by the likes of Anatomy Of Habit, Sun Splitter, Arriver and Rabid Rabbit.  We've dropped drooling praise on their previous releases and now to finally get our grubby hands on Chris Connelly wax has us over the moon to say the least.  Artificial Madness is first and foremost a rock record, which it being released on Relapse might lead one to believe this is a metal release but Connelly eschews his time spent in such legendary industrial bands as Revolting Cocks and Ministry and instead plows straight forward into thick muscular post apocalyptic rock with his warming croon over top of some punising rhythms and walls of guitar majesty; we're hearing echoes of Killing Joke, Wire and even some Public Image Limited tinges here and there, but like they put all those influences in a blender then blasted it out of a cannon.  Higih octane, high energy dark jams from start to finish is what you'll get on Artificial Madness; after it's all said and done see what remnants of your mind are left.  Connelly enlisted some of Chicago's finest to fill out his band of outsiders featuring members of Nachtmystium, Indian, The Swan King, and Electric Hawk giving Artificial Madness a walloping heft that is yet to be matched.   Fans of Total Control, Pop 1280 and the paranoia-stricken sci-fi roster of Sacred Bones Records should definitely take note on this one.  Mega Recommended.

Reckless posted this on their site:

13th solo album from ex-REVOLTING COCKS & MINISTRY vocalist CHRIS CONNELLY. Much like his other 12 albums, this one sounds nothing like the industrial music he cut his teeth with, but has a much more aggressive edge than any of his solo albums to date. CONNELLY channels WIRE, PiL & KILLING JOKE on "Artificial Madness" with the help of some serious players: NOAH LEGER on drums (TIGHT PHANTOMZ, HEAD OF SKULLS), WILL LINDSAY on bass (ex-WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, INDIAN) & SANFORD PARKER (NACHTMYSTIUM, TWILIGHT) on keys and behind the boards. A very cool release!