Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Out on Rabid Rabbit

A nice preview for the band's Sunday (4/29) show...

Rabid Rabbit at Empty Bottle | Concert preview

Chicago doom purveyors drown their sorrows in low end.
By Areif Sless-Kitain

Rabid Rabbit
Photo: Mariah Karson

Don’t let the name fool you. Rabid Rabbit moves at an ominous, glacial pace. The Garfield Park group has grown into a unique and potent purveyor of doom, with an outlook that extends from a placid grimace to an imposing scowl. After several iterations, the lineup has solidified into a quartet unified in vision and intent, featuring not twin guitars but two basses. The subsuming low end is hardly the only way in which the band deviates from its peers.
That much is startlingly evident on the band’s impressive second album, last year’s Czarny Sen, which translates to black dream in Polish, a nod to vocalist-bassist Andrea Jablonski’s homeland. Her haunting monotone approaches a drone, set against guitarist Dan Sullivan’s grim power chords and pro shredding. Her voice lends tonal variation to an otherwise proudly bleak palette. Second bassist Arman Mabry and drummer Mike Tsoulos thicken the concoction to a cosmic funeral dirge.
The group’s talent for the unlikely includes improvisation, as saxophonist Dave Rempis demonstrates via scalding skronk both on the record and often live. He’s not on hand at the Bottle tonight, but Rabid Rabbit’s devastating art-sludge never fails to leave a glorious stain on the local scene.

BV on X&O

Nice coverage of the upcoming Xeno and Oaklander show at Casa Aztlan (with Population and The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush) in Brooklyn Vegan:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Chicagoist on AoH

Really kind words about Anatomy of Habit from Jon Graef at The Chicagoist:

One of Chicago's most singular, distinctive bands is post-everything act Anatomy of Habit, who concoct a delectable sonic witches' brew comprised of doom metal, shoegazer, goth, industrial, ambient, and hardcore. Last year's self-titled debut -- two tracks, 34 minutes -- caused a great deal of excitement for its serpentine, terrifying mood pieces. They'll be back with a new 12-inch EP, titled After The Water/Then Window, which, according to the Bloodlust newsletter sent out last week, has been sent to the pressing plant. (Bloodlust is the label of Habit/Bloodyminded mainman Mark Solotroff). Any word of a release date, and we pass it on to you. Anatomy of Habit play with Chord and Jon Mueller at The Hideout on Saturday, May 12. Pencil this show in, because it will no doubt be a memorable show.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sun Splitter "III" LP - Update #2

The Sun Splitter master has been sent to the pressing plant and the cover artwork is already at the printer.  Here is a first look at the finished design:
B!171 Sun Splitter "III" LP Sleeve - Front
B!171 Sun Splitter "III" LP Sleeve - Back