Thursday, August 02, 2012

Permanent Records on new Anatomy of Habit 12-inch

Very kind words from the folks at Permanent Records (Chicago/LA) who listed our new 12-inch as one of their "Featured Items":

"After melting our minds with their self titled LP, Chicago's Anatomy of Habit return with a self titled EP that further evolves their unique sound. This time around adding a subtle beauty to their huge and crushing power. Taking the finer points of Swans, Joy Division a

nd even hints of Neurosis, Anatomy of Habit excel at the long form track with gentle guitar loops, surging bass lines, on the spot drums and a harrowing percussion set up that involves work gloves and various chains all topped off by front man Mark Solotroff's mighty croon. Combining these elements Anatomy Of Habit build things slowly and quietly with gentle melancholic feel before blasting off with a staggering power and volume to further lay waste your eardrums with some of the most daringly original heavy music we've ever heard. Hugely Recommended."