Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gossip Wolf: New blood in Anatomy of Habit

From the Chicago Reader:

We haven't heard much from Anatomy of Habit, Chicago's unholy apostles of the long-form metal dirge, since original drummer Dylan Posa left town last March—but core members Mark Solotroff, Blake Edwards, and Kenny Rasmussen have two new tracks in the can that both top 20 minutes—and Solotroff says "Radiate and Recede" is "probably the heaviest thing that we have recorded." Guitarist Will Lindsay (Indian, Wolves in the Throne Room) has replaced Greg Ratajczak, and Tortoise drummer John McEntire has taken over behind the kit; the sessions were at McEntire's studio, Soma, with Sanford Parker behind the boards. Both Lindsay and McEntire are also part of the band's live lineup, which debuts this spring. There's no release date yet for the new material, but a self-released CD compiling AOH's first LP and EP should be out in February, distributed by Solotroff's BloodLust! label.