Saturday, April 06, 2013

Permant Records features Anatomy of Habit

The Anatomy of Habit CD is in the listening station at Permanent Records in Chicago and listed at a special price. Here is what the store said on their website:

Anatomy Of Habit is one of Chicago's best-kept secrets. A five headed bone rattling machine of industrialized power and dark subtly. Anatomy Of Habit are hard to pin down or categorize but they combine elements of post-punk, death-rock, early industrial and repetitive doom to create huge and uncompromising pieces of music that build and burst and churn and lurch and pummel and destroy and you get the idea. Channeling influences of early Swans, Joy Division, Neurosis, The Sisters Of Mercy, Anatomy Of Habit sound like all and none of these as they have culminated a sound so completely their own with clean single picked guitar patterns that explode into distorted cacophony with gut rumbling bass and pounding drums and metal percussion that requires work gloves to perform all helmed by a powerful and charismatic voice. With members coming from varied backgrounds and other projects like Bloodyminded, Animal Law, Plague Bringer, No Funeral and Three Cheers For One Dead Man, Anatomy Of Habit have an alchemy all their own that punishes while drawing the listener in at the same time. Anatomy Of Habit use tension and repetition to create slow burn hypnotic sonics that are full of life and a haunting beauty that leave the listener with an eerie disturbance that all is not well. And do not miss the chance to witness this live, it is a spectacle that will long stay with you after its over. Hugely Recommended.