Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spin Magazine on "Within The Walls"

Spin Magazine

Written by: Christopher R. Weingarten


Bloodyminded, Within the Walls (BloodLust!)
Long-standing power-electronics fang-sharpeners go the Wolf Eyes route for a couple of songs here ("All the Cities are Occupied," Locrian cover "Inverted Ruins"), often opting for desolate landscapes instead of the confrontational blast of their last album, in 2006, which opened with a song called "Visiting an Ex-Girlfriend in the Hospital (AIDS Ward)." These tracks create dissonance — not in a harsh way, but in a low-key, lightweight-nauseating way, Davy Jones music of creaking boards and blackened seas and sounds that swell and fall. In the more grueling parts, the five members create a dense tapestry of swirling feedback, and a multiple-vocal assault they say is inspired by bands like Extreme Noise Terror and Crass. The rest depends on your tolerance for Whitehouse-gone-Pantera yells of "Repentence! Humiliation! Confession! Shame! Regret! Guilt! Shame! Regret! Guilt!"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mail Order Status

Thanks to everyone who has been placing orders for the new BLOODYMINDED CD, T-shirts and other BloodLust! and related releases, including rare items on Discogs!  Yesterday was a huge catch-up day for the week and all pending packages have been mailed out.  The high volume of orders has caused minor delays and I am definitely not sticking to my normal 24-48 hour turnaround time, but I am hustling to stay on top of everything, as quickly as I can.  The great support is much appreciated! -Mark