Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Frontier Psychiatrist on Anatomy of Habit

Thanks to Jordan Mainzer of Frontier Psychiatrist for the write-up on our recent show:

3/17 – Indian/Bloodiest/Anatomy of Habit/An Aesthetic Anaesthetic @ Subterranean, Chicago

At least the first three of four acts had senses of humor, or rather a lighter side. Math rockers and wordplay aficionados An Aesthetic Anaesthetic (creators of a song called “Randy Quaidludes”) announced that they were only playing two songs. Little did newbies know how tongue-in-cheek they were being, considering that both songs ranged from ten to twenty minutes, rendering the set actually longer than usual for the first of four acts. Anatomy of Habit had a lighter side simply by virtue that they weren’t hard rock or metal; they sounded like a noisier Joy Division (you know you’re in for a dark night when the Joy Division-inspired band is the least dark). And Bloodiest, despite their name, mustered up enough snark to declare, “Fuck the Irish!” as an anti-St. Patrick’s Day statement. This was all leading up to the band whose record release show it was: local doom miserabilists Indian. Indian’s From All Purity is one of the best albums of the year so far, let alone metal albums. At the Subterranean, their disturbing songs like “Rape” and “Directional” sounded exactly as they should, cracking and whipping and pummeling forcefully but at a brutally slow speed, like the best doom. This was one of the best shows of the year so far.