Thursday, February 04, 2016

Mark Solotroff - Live - 02​-​02​-​16 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago (Recording)

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


So, I had an amazing dream. BLOODYMINDED was playing some sort of punk house show. But rather than it being in a gross, damp, dark basement, the show was on the upper floor of a nice, clean, big, old Victorian house. From the area we were playing, you could look out the windows and see the big backyard. It was a daytime show and it was sunny and nice out.

I recall that we were playing as a stripped-down line-up -- just Isidro, James and me. Things were going pretty well. I only made one mistake, announcing the wrong song at one point... pretty typical, right?

A large crowd filled the room and they were really excited, they were physical and they all seemed to be in a great mood. I was moving through the audience effortlessly and things were going really well.

Towards the end, I was really pleased to announced that we would be playing a brand new song for the first time.

Then I noticed that the synths were sort of going, droning on, but not at full blast. Apparently, Isidro and James had left the stage -- I think to get a drink -- and the crowd was starting to head out to the backyard, or so it appeared when I looked out the window.

Screw it. I enthusiastically announced our new song, "Pieter's Tongue," and I proceeded to play it all by myself. The sound was sort of power-electronics meets minimal-synth meets death-industrial meets glam-rock meets electro-acoustic... It sounded amazing - to me, at least - but the people who stayed looked totally dumbfounded. Maybe in a good way?

After I finished, I went downstairs and I confronted James and Isidro. I told them that they just cannot do things like that. They both sort of shrugged and went on drinking and talking. I told them that BLOODYMINDED might need to take a break if that was the attitude they were going to have.

I do not know what the dream meant, and everything is cool with BLOODYMINDED, but I do know that we are writing a song called "Pieter's Tongue" for our next album. -Mark