Tuesday, April 09, 2002

- A long silence...
- A curious development
on the Intrinsic Action front:

This may possibly be a simple
case of absent-mindedness,
but the date of the band's
inception is under review.
Stated in interviews and on
printed material as beginning
in 1985, a recent session of
unpacking sheds new light
on things.
-Previous to the release of
the band's first self-titled,
sixty minute cassette in
1985, a tape was made by
the two original members,
Mark Solotroff, and Frank
Wolff, who appeared on the
first release, but was not a
part of the band by the time
of the first live show in 1986.
-The tape, which was recorded
in 1984, shows the influence
of such early industrial bands
as S.P.K. and Einsturzende
Neubauten; at the time, we
did not have any synthesizers,
and we made the recordings
with echoing, metallic percussion,
along with a great deal of
rather primal screaming. In a
sense, it crosses over between
the sounds and attitudes of the
type of industrial music that was
popular at the time, and the
style of power-electronics that
Intrinsic Action developed into.
The tape has a xeroxed cover
with artwork and a rudimentary
band logo, but it is doubtful that
it was ever duplicated beyond
copies for the two band members.
-More information will be given as
supporting documentation is
-Please refer to the "Noiseist"
link for a thorough (well, almost)
- Intrinsic Action -- 1984-1995 -