Thursday, January 26, 2023

Anatomy Of Habit's New Album "Black Openings" Announced

ANATOMY OF HABIT: Experimental Post-Punk/Doom Outfit To Release Black Openings LP February 24th; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Long-running experimental post-punk/doom outfit ANATOMY OF HABIT will release their fourth album, Black Openings, on February 24th.

The follow-up to their 2021-22 album, Even If It Takes A Lifetime, was recorded with Sanford Parker, who has been working with the band in the studio for over a decade, including on their 2014 Relapse Records-issued Ciphers + Axioms. Parker also handled mixing duties while Collin Jordan (Boiler Room Mastering) took care of mastering.

The three-song offering opens with the title track, which will align with what fans envision when referring to an archetypal side-long ANATOMY OF HABIT song. It’s built from three distinct movements that range from a calmer opening section, to an extended atmospheric instrumental passage, to an escalating mass of pure heaviness. “Formal Consequences” starts off the B-Side and it introduces greater shimmer to the band’s sound, with vocalist Mark Solotroff’s voice submerged in a vast swirl of guitar atmosphere. Album closer, “Breathing Through Bones,” is a mournful ode that links back to earlier ANATOMY OF HABIT compositions like “After The Water” and “The Decade Plan,” but here, the group ups-the-ante with a vein of taught, slow burning tension. Along with the band’s core instrumentation, listeners will recognize piano, organ, analog synth, and vibraphone, similar to the array of sounds on Even If It Takes A Lifetime.

Thematically, the album continues to elaborate on Solotroff’s expressions of love and loss, the abstracted and vanishing self, and complexities within the creative process. It further explores the concept of obliteration, and it propels the idea to a dreadful new terminus point. The concept of the inner drive that keeps pushing a person forward, which Solotroff explored on Even If It Takes A Lifetime takes on a new meaning here, when the harrowing black hole of the title track opens up and swallows you.

In advance of the record’s release, today the band unveils “Breathing Through Bones.” Notes Solotroff of the track, “I believe that we all enjoy playing ‘Breathing Through Bones’ live. I certainly love singing it, and each time we play it, I feel like I’ve found my ideal place in music. When Sam [Wagster]’s bass begins to chime, it should be clear that this is an unparalleled ANATOMY OF HABIT song. The pace is slow and somber and there’s a great deal of space left open in the composition. We hear traces of Alex [Latus]’s guitar in the opening panorama, while Skyler [Rowe]’s drums start up with a minimal, deliberate beat. Isidro’s scraping metal enters, sounding like something from a subterranean hell-scape. Then my first reverberating vocal begins, two-minutes in, and then the five of us are completely locked-in together.

“Across three verses and three choruses, the song continues to increase in strength, volume, depth, and density, and it builds towards a climax that takes nearly ten-minutes to arrive at. If I had to explain the song to someone, I might use words like ‘resolve,’ ‘tranquility,’ ‘pulsation,’ ‘structure,’ ‘stillness,’ ‘doggedness,’ ‘entanglement,’ and ‘patience.’ That might get you somewhere, but I never like to give it all away. While I’d be tempted to write a dozen more songs like this, we’ve already succeeded in going in several new directions as we continue to write, but I know that this one will always burn bright for me.”

Stream ANATOMY OF HABIT’s “Breathing Through Bones” at THIS LOCATION.

Black Openings, which comes adorned in the artwork of Solotroff, will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digitally. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Black Openings Track Listing:

1. Black Openings
2. Formal Consequences
3. Breathing Through Bones

ANATOMY OF HABIT will celebrate the release of Black Openings with a record release show February 11th at Cobra Lounge in Chicago with additional performances to be announced in the weeks to come.

2/11/2023 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL * Record Release Show w/ Kill Scenes, Twice Dark [tickets]

Formed in Chicago in 2008, ANATOMY OF HABIT has been described as a hybrid of doom metal, post-punk, death-rock, early-industrial, psychedelic, and shoegaze. Although they’ve experienced significant membership changes since forming, today’s band, which includes Alex Latus (guitar), Isidro Reyes (metal percussion), Skyler Rowe (drums), Mark Solotroff (vocals), and Sam Wagster (bass + lap steel), represents their longest-standing and most prolific lineup. The band credits their treasured chemistry to their intertwining histories as friends and collaborators. Rowe and Latus have made music together since they were teenagers, growing up in Indianapolis’ heavy music scene, while playing in the band Still. Rowe and Wagster create sweeping, pastoral instrumental music together in Mute Duo. Reyes and Solotroff are old friends who’ve played together for many years and they continue to record and perform in both BLOODYMINDED and The Fortieth Day. This deep connective tissue contributes to what the band describes as consistently effortless writing sessions and innately unified live performances.

Alex Latus – guitar
Isidro Reyes – metal percussion
Skyler Rowe – drums, vibraphone
Mark Solotroff – vocals, analog synth
Sam Wagster – bass, lap steel, piano, keyboard

Monday, January 02, 2023

Out Now: Mark Solotroff "Return To Oneself" 2CD

Happy New Year! This isn't my new album. As I'm still working (slowly) on that, I decided to put together a 2CD set that compiles my three digital-only singles from last winter, along with a previously unreleased 47+ minute song that I built from recordings from the same sessions as those singles and my last album. I would characterize this music as continuing and evolving the type of rough-edged minimalist drone that I composed for my two prior albums: "You May Be Holding Back" (2020) and "Not Everybody Makes It" (2021). The core components of these songs include analog synth (recorded to four-track cassette), magnetic tape sound, controlled feedback, and the occasional long distance, phantom melody. I think this music works well for attentive, close listening (over speakers or with headphones), to focus on different characteristics in the sound -- and also when it's more in the background, for activities like reading, writing, drawing, or even going to sleep. I've listened to this music quite a bit, under these different circumstances, and I really enjoy how it performs, so I hope you will too. The CDs are housed in a digipak that features black and white architectural photographs that I shot around downtown Chicago. Versions of three of the images were used for the original digital singles. I also enjoy that it sits nicely alongside my three "Strategic Planning" 2CD sets.

1. "A Form Of Consolation" (15:00)
2. "Pressing Upon Us" (15:00)
3. "Rush Headlong Into It" (15:00)

1. "Towards The Other" ( 47:15)


Order via Bandcamp:


Saturday, December 03, 2022

Mark Solotroff - December 2022

Hi. Here's a quick roundup of things that are going on as the year wraps up...

Both Anatomy of Habit and BLOODYMINDED are playing Peace Simulation Vol. II, next weekend.

Anatomy of Habit plays Saturday (12/10) at Reggies
BLOODYMINDED plays Sunday (12/11) at Beat Kitchen
Tickets are available here: Day 1 | Day 2

Then the following weekend, The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush are playing at Elastic (see below for more details)


Anatomy of Habit
The release of our new album, "Black Openings," is just around the corner. Test pressings have been approved and we're just waiting for the vinyl pressing to be completed, sometime after the new year. We'll be making an announcement about the release in January. Here's a first look at the front cover.

Black Openings T-shirts are available here:



The recent bookings have sparked our need to get our next album wrapped up. It remains about 80% complete, with some final instrumental touches and then vocals being outstanding. Nothing new to add, but it's definitely time to get back into the studio. In the meantime, here are a few photos from our last show...



Mark Solotroff
"Return To Oneself"
While work on my next album has been moving much slower than I expected it would, I did put together a 2CD set that compiles my three digital-only singles from last winter, along with a previously unreleased 45-minute song built from recordings from the same sessions. It will be going to the pressing plant soon. Here's a sneak peek at the digipak layout.



Intrinsic Action



The Fortieth Day

The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush will be playing on Sunday December 18, 2022, as part of the Elastro AV series at Elastic. Our thanks to Carol Genetti, for inviting us to play! More information can be found here:



Super Eight Loop

One-hundred recordings streaming exclusively on Bandcamp


Ensemble Sacrés Garçons
"Sanctification: Seeing The Singularity" release date TBA




Friday, September 23, 2022

Anatomy of Habit "Black Openings" T-Shirt Pre-Order




"Black Openings" is our forthcoming album and we expect to release it this winter.

We're setting up this pre-order so that we can offer a broader range of shirt sizes than those we typically keep in stock.

The pre-order period will run for two (2) weeks, from Friday September 23 to Friday October 7, 2022.

We expect to ship pre-orders on Friday November 11, 2022.

Once the pre-order is over, this design will only be available in men's sizes S, M, L, and XL.

These are professionally printed - by VG Kids - black Gildan 100% cotton short-sleeve T-shirts with printing on the front in white ink.

The men's shirts are classic, full-size T-shirts, in the sense that they run a bit large, particularly compared to more snug-fitting Threadless, American Apparel, and H&M T-shirts.

The women's shirts are "softspun" 100% preshrunk ring spun cotton with more of a fitted silhouette.

Please select your size choice on our Bandcamp page and make sure that you're choosing either women's or men's, as preferred.

Please note that we're aware of how expensive international shipping is and we wish there was a simple solution that we could offer at this time. We plan to have our shirts available through Threadless this winter, as they have more affordable international shipping.

You can find them here:

Friday, September 09, 2022

Anatomy of Habit + BLOODYMINDED Shows

Well, I didn't expect to be announcing BLOODYMINDED shows before our next album is ready, but some cool opportunities popped up, so here we go...

First up, this coming Monday, Anatomy of Habit plays:

Monday September 12, 2022
Glassing / Meth. / Anatomy of Habit
Beat Kitchen
2100 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

The first BLOODYMINDED show happens in about a month, in very familiar territory, and with a rather over-the-top lineup:

Monday October 10, 2022
God Is War / BLOODYMINDED / Many Blessings / Maltreatment / Reek Of Divinity
The Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622


Facebook Invite

Then in December, both bands were asked to play the two-day Peace Simulation festival, and the list of artists that are participating is quite insane. I played a song with Indian last year at Reggies, so I have an idea of how this will unfold... I strongly recommend getting tickets, sooner than later, as it sold out last year.

Anatomy of Habit
Saturday December 10, 2022
2105 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616

Facebook Invite

Sunday December 11, 2022
Beat Kitchen
2100 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Beat Kitchen Event Page

I'll have news about upcoming releases, soon, so I'll end here.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Anatomy of Habit - Summer 2022


We now have enamel pins available through our Bandcamp page, as well as at upcoming shows. They are round 1.25" black and silver pins with rubber pin-backs to hold them tight. Our "five nails" logo and the outer rim are raised nickel metal and the background is painted black.
They are $10.00.
Overseas buyers: due to the the increased cost of international shipping, we'd recommend purchasing this as an add-on to a CD, cassette, or LP order, so as to only incur an additional $2.00 postage fee, as opposed to the standalone cost of an international first class package.

Speaking of shows, we have announced two summer shows, including our first visit to Grand Rapids, MI.

Saturday July 30, 2022
Rezn / Lume / Anatomy of Habit
The Pyramid Scheme
68 Commerce Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Monday September 12, 2022
Glassing / Meth. / Anatomy of Habit
Beat Kitchen
2100 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Friday, May 06, 2022

ANATOMY OF HABIT: Release Even If It Takes A Lifetime On Vinyl - Support Christian Death Tonight

ANATOMY OF HABIT: Experimental Post-Punk/Doom Collective Releases Even If It Takes A Lifetime On Vinyl; Band To Support Christian Death Tonight In Chicago
Even If It Takes A Lifetime, the third full-length from Chicago-based experimental post-punk/doom metal collective ANATOMY OF HABIT, is now available on vinyl!
Initially released in December on CD, cassette, and digitally, Even If It Takes A Lifetime is the first of two new albums ready to be unveiled to the public. ANATOMY OF HABIT – Alex Latus (guitar), Isidro Reyes (metal percussion), Skyler Rowe (drums), Mark Solotroff (vocals), and Sam Wagster (bass + lap steel) — recorded both offerings with Sanford Parker, shortly before the pandemic, with mixing (by Parker) and mastering (by Collin Jordan) carried out during the long shutdown. Along with the band’s core instrumentation, listeners will hear piano, organ, analog synth, and vibraphone woven into the songs.
Thematically, Even If It Takes A Lifetime continues Solotroff’s reflections on love and loss, the creative process, the abstracted and vanishing self, and a sense of absolute obliteration. The potentially nostalgic album title may allude to a sense of hope and may indicate that all is not lost, or at least it may point to an inner drive to keep pushing forward.
Claim your copy of Even If It Takes A Lifetime on vinyl today at THIS LOCATION.
Coinciding with the vinyl release of Even If It Takes A Lifetime, tonight, ANATOMY OF HABIT will support Christian Death at Reggies Music Joint in Chicago.
5/06/2022 Reggie Music Joint – Chicago, IL w/ Christian Death, Bellhead, Guest [info]
ANATOMY OF HABIT formed in Chicago in October 2008. Although the band has experienced significant changes since forming, this is their longest-standing and most prolific lineup. It’s no wonder that they’ve gelled the way they have. Rowe and Latus have known each other since they were teenagers, growing up in Indianapolis’ heavy music scene and playing together in the band Still. Rowe and Wagster have been creating a strong body of work together in the pastoral instrumental Mute Duo. Reyes and Solotroff are old friends who’ve played together in both BLOODYMINDED and The Fortieth Day, for many years. This deep connective tissue has contributed to consistently effortless writing sessions and solidly fused live performances.
The band incorporates elements of doom metal, post-punk, death-rock, early-industrial, psychedelic, and shoegaze. The band’s last album, Ciphers + Axioms, was released by Relapse Records. Once Even If It Takes A Lifetime completes its full cycle, the band intend to follow up with their next album, Black Openings.
“It picks up right where ANATOMY OF HABIT left off seven years ago, with Mark Solotroff’s gothy, sinister baritone leading the way over lurching, doomy instrumentals. If you’re unfamiliar with ANATOMY OF HABIT, fans of Swans, Daughters, and Nick Cave should check this out.” -- BrooklynVegan
“…an immersive, meditative, slow-building storm…” – Decibel Magazine
“Still apocalyptically heavy and thoughtfully complex, ANATOMY OF HABIT’s lost time simply vanished. It’s 2013 again and I’m watching ANATOMY OF HABIT at the Cobra Lounge, completely leveling the place, my friends and I all damaging our necks and brains and minds to the swirling mass of volume.” – Invisible Oranges
“… one of the only sets of proportions between doom metal and post-punk that could make sense and end up working out successfully... a unique experience, and one that… should leave fans of both post-punk and doom satisfied.” -- Nine Circles
“…a throbbing audio experience shrouded in cloudy electronic frequencies and harsh guitars. It might be unrelenting, but it deserves your time and patience.” -- Scream Blast Repeat

Alex Latus - guitar
Isidro Reyes - metal percussion
Skyler Rowe - drums, vibraphone
Mark Solotroff - vocals, analog synth
Sam Wagster - bass, lap steel, piano, keyboard
For ANATOMY OF HABIT coverage contact

Friday, April 22, 2022

Mark Solotroff "You May Be Holding Back" Book


You May Be Holding Back

As a follow-up to my recent book, Not Everybody Makes It, I'm pleased to announce the release of You May Be Holding Back. This new volume is a visual accompaniment to my 2020 electronic music album of the same name. The fifty-two black and white images are derived from photographs of architecture in Chicago, some of which I shot myself and some of which I found online, particularly in the case of structures that no longer exist. I edited and manipulated the photos in a way that parallels how I processed the analog synthesizer recordings that I created the songs on the album from. The minimal text that is included is drawn from the album title and its two song titles ("A Literal Territory Occupied Literally" and "All In The Straw Together"). Those two song titles are direct drivers for sections of the book that create a tension between sin and redemption, the sacred and the profane, and heaven and hell, as dictated by both current and former architecture found in both existing and lost zones of the city.

Print length: 120 Pages (single-sided printing)
Images: 52
Color: Black and white
Language: English
Dimensions: 6" x 0.28" x 9"
ISBN-13: 979-8434074889
Cost: $15.00 + postage

Limited quantities are available directly via my Bandcamp page

The book is available globally via Amazon. Prime members and international buyers are highly encouraged to order directly from Amazon to save on shipping costs (available in all regions)



Not Everybody Makes It


Friday, April 01, 2022

Big Vinyl Sale


These LPs are on sale now!

I'd like to clear some space for incoming vinyl, so for a limited time, I'm
drastically reducing the prices of these LPs from $15.00 to only $5.00 each.
This sale applies to orders through my webstore (not Discogs or Ebay).
No codes are necessary; prices have been adjusted in the store.
Sale prices are effective from Friday April 1st through Friday April 8th.









Shipping costs are automatically calculated in the cart:
USA: $5.00 for 1st LP, $1.00 per each additional LP
Canada/Mexico: $21.00 for 1st LP, $6.00 per each additional LP
Everywhere else: $26.00 for 1st LP, $8.00 per each additional LP