Friday, February 15, 2002

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Recent listening:
(Young God Records)
This compact disc fits nicely in
the Young God camp, especially
alongside the Ulan Bator and
(quieter) Calla releases, as well
as other things like the last (great)
Unwound recording, and maybe
even moments from last year's Lift
to Experience album. Nice
background sounds for when you
are writing about popular culture.
Sometimes I drown my Bun Thit
Nuong Cha Gio in rooster sauce.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Here is the set list from our
December 15, 2001 show, as
found in the last e-mail catalog.
Our set consisted of less songs
from the >upcoming< "True
Crime" compact disc, compared
to the August 11, 2001 show,
and we reworked several older
tracks, including some much
older pieces by Intrinsic Action:

01. "Over Before You Know It" ("Trophy" CD)
02. "Perform" ("Trophy" CD)
03. "In The Mood" ("Trophy" CD)
04. "Baby" ("Mothercare" 7" - forthcoming)
05. "Bound To Die" ("True Crime" CD - forthcoming - Ed on lead vocals)
06. "Lake Street" ("Trophy" CD)
07. "Skin" ("Trophy" CD)
08. "Dazed" (1st Intrinsic Action 7")
09. "As If" ("Mothercare" 7" - forthcoming)
10. "Porn Lords" ("Trophy" CD)
11. "Trophy" ("Trophy" CD)
12. "Male Payment" (2nd Intrinsic Action 7" and "Sado-Electronics" CD)
13. "Wire" ("Trophy" CD)
14. "Mantra" ("Trophy" CD and "West" 7")
15. "Head" (unreleased)

Work on the Intrinsic Action
song list is ongoing, including
changes to certain lyrics, and
adaptations of the electronics;
switching the later period Moog
Rogue/Roland SH-101 patterns
to new Roland MC-202 settings.

Monday, February 11, 2002