Wednesday, May 01, 2002

The Relapse e-Store is the
first mail-order service to
stock the "True Crime"
compact disc. A link to
the main Relapse website
has been added, or the
following address can be
used to go directly to the

The FX television show, "The
Shield," has kept me glued to
my screen for the last several
Tuesday nights. Last night's
closing sequence was amazing,
particularly due to the use of
the Magnetic Fields song, "All
My Little Words." ...inspired.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Out now:

"True Crime"
Compact disc
BloodLust! 040

"True Crime" is the second full-length release by
Chicago's BLOODYMINDED. Initiated in 1997,
when the band resided in Brooklyn, New York,
the recordings were completed over several
sessions in both New York and Chicago. Far
richer in sound than "Trophy," the group's debut
compact disc, the fuller, longer tracks are
distinguished by multiple layers of analog
synthesizer, sub-bass frequencies, and gutteral,
screamed, and spoken vocals; performed by
two different band line-ups, over a three year
period. "True Crime" is also unique in its list
of guest performers, including Toulouse,
France's Xavier Laradji, of "Timeless"
magazine; Milan, Italy's Paolo Bandera, of
Sshe Retina Stimulants and Sigillum S, and
Andrea Chiaravalli, of Iugula-Thor; Kyoto,
Japan's Akifumi Nakajima, of Aube and the
G.R.O.S.S. label; Jonathan Canady of
Deathpile and Dead World; and John
Balistreri of Slogun. "True Crime" marks
the vocal debut of Ed Knigge, an integral
member of the band since 1997, and the
release also features a bonus Quicktime
video created by artist Dan Fiedler, for the
song "Chinatown," first heard on "Trophy."
Welcome back to the sound of twin 202

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