Friday, June 21, 2002

Do you like doom?
It seems that you cannot buy a cup
of coffee these days without running
into a doom or stoner rock show.
Isidro, Ed, and I went to see a triple-
header at Chicago's jazz showcase,
the Note, last night. New York's
Unearthly Trance opened up, with a
slow set of Eyehategod- and Burning
Witch-inspired sludge, followed by
the Canadian heavy psychedelic band
Sons of Otis (who is Otis?). Electric
Wizard headlined, and they were quite
heavy, although not much to watch.
Orange Goblin definitely put on a more
entertaining show a few weeks back.
The 90-degree night was fruitful, though,
as a new term came in to being:
"War Pig" - as in gothapotamus, but in
a Sabbath inspired setting.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

How inspired was it that the
Rapture opened up with
"Dumb Waiters" off of the
second Psychedelic Furs
album? Their set was
another blistering PiL/Gang
of Four influenced assault
that definitely lived up to their
last visit. The mismatched
opener, the Lack, were quite
good, doing a heavy, distorted
Cop Shoot Cop meets Ministry
thing. Their label, Troubleman
Unlimited, also put out the
Lovelife CD, and seems to be
getting more and more interesting.

Monday, June 17, 2002

More live new wave last night.
The Electroclash-related group
Soviet played at Schubas. They
reminded me of the period in OMD's
recording career when I stopped
listening to them. They had an
interesting DVD projection as a
back-drop (and backing tape, I
suspect), and they seemed more
sincere than the Faint, who seemed
like a bad Orgy-style nĂ¼ wave/metal
band. Off to see the Rapture tonight.