Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Busy weekend...
-Friday: Bats and Mice, the
very "Kid A" sounding the Race,
and the fairly crushing Portishead
meets post-emo Denali, who did
a pretty nice cover of "No Quarter,"
keeping up with the L.T.E. Jonses.
-Saturday: A couple of Ersatz
bands: Lowfish and Solvent. Not
sure which was which. One had a
grating female vocalist, the other
was instrumental synth-pop that
was not too bad as background music.
-Sunday: "Outside In: Self-Taught
Artists and Chicago" at the Smart
Museum - some nice Dargers, etc.

-Final art proofs for B!029 should
be ready for approval today. That
means the CD's could be here within
two weeks...