Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Another busy several days...
-Friday: "24 Hour Party People"
is funny (pigeonicide) and morbid
(recreating Ian Curtis' suicide).
Went to see The Fire Show at
their last Chicago show. They
are a strange blend of (early)
Wire, (early) Cure, art rock stuff,
etc. Hard to put my finger on
what they are going on about.
-Saturday: "Signs" sucked
-Sunday: "Read My Lips" ("Sur
Mes Levres") was yet another
nice dark French film to follow
"The Piano Teacher" and "Fat
Girl." Damaged people...
-Monday: The Soundtrack of
Our Lives played a one-off
club show in between dates
with Oasis. Way more pop than
their forebearers, Union Carbide
Productions, but rather than
sounding like one band, TSOOL
sound like all bands from about
1968-1978. Great rock. Great