Monday, August 26, 2002

confirmed to play live at this
year's Z Film Festival
The show will be with the
group Laminator, on Thursday
October 10, 2002, beginning
at 11:00 PM, at the Hideout
(1354 W. Wabansia)
More details will follow...

-Jucifer played at the Empty
Bottle on Thursday night. The
volume was devastatingly loud;
the guitar player had no less
than 13 amps lined up behind
her. The typical description
runs something like Black Sabbath
with Portishead vocals, but the
sound was more Eyehategod, Earth,
High on Fire - with alternatingly
pretty then gutteral vocals, like
an ultra-heavy version of the old
Crisis sound, but made by only
two people.

-The Diesel sponsored Synth City
package turned Metro into a sort
of Electroclach festival on Saturday.
A lot of it was just bad synthpop,
industrial-techno, and electro-porn.
Soviet sounded a bit out of tune,
and without their backing video,
they were much less compelling.
ARE Weapons were interesting.
I like both of their CD singles, a lot,
but I had low expectations. They
definitely are a big put on, and
besides the obvious Suicide angle,
they reminded me a bit of Wiseblood
live. The electro/hip-hop element
(i.e. Afrika Bambaataa) helps them
beef up their sound. Green Velvet
puts on a good show, but aligning
him with this genre does not change
the fact that he is still a house
music artist.