Friday, September 06, 2002

-From: BloodLetter! Issue 4 4 August 97

"Surgical Stainless Steel is an offshoot of
Intrinsic Action. On the debut Intrinsic
Action CD, "Sado-Electronics," the final
20+ minute segment was the first time
SSS made itself known. Popping up
again briefly on the "Private Thoughts"
compilation (AWB), only a brief live
incarnation, complete with a notorious
though somewhat embarrassing
"Santeria" influenced bloodletting
session (Industry, Chicago 11/92) held
over the project until now. Self Abuse
Records has been kind enough to
include a submission by Surgical
Stainless Steel in their ongoing Murder
7" series. Our subject is the grossly
underrated Gerald Eugene Stano, and
the 7" includes three tracks: "Woman
Hater", "Unnecessary Ferocity", and a
special cover version of a classic bit
of Italian/Pacific Northwest power-

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Out now:

B!029 Intrinsic Action "Sado-Electronics" compact disc ($12.00 plus postage)

BloodLust! is happy to finally announce the re-release of the first Intrinsic Action compact disc, "Sado-Electronics." Originally released in 1992, in a limited, deluxe edition, the compact disc quickly sold out, turning up as a rare item in record stores and Internet auctions. Ten years after its initial issue, "Sado-Electronics" has been re-mastered, twice over, restoring the sound quality and the track spacing to how it was first intended. New photographs and artwork have been used, and Jonathan Canady of Deathpile was recruited as graphic designer for the project. Running just over 74 minutes in length, "Sado-Electronics" is comprised of 11 principal songs, followed by the 20+ minute long "Surgical Stainless Steel First Operation," a set of 11 additional tracks, ranging in length from 12 seconds to over four minutes. The dense Surgical Stainless Steel material serves as an indication of the direction that BLOODYMINDED eventually took on their first compact disc, "Trophy," and overall, it shows the origins of the style of power-electronics created for this year's release, "True Crime."

-The Z Film Festival website
has been updated, also reflecting
that Laminator is now Foammula

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

-"Thanks" to Olivia for the
nice skybox seats for all of
concert last Thursday. It
was interesting to see how
Mike Patton applied his Japanese
noise aesthetic to Tomahawk's
performance. Or maybe not...

-Recent listening:
Interpol "Turn on the Bright Lights"
Pelican (no title)
Primal Scream "Evil Heat"
"24 Hour Party People" OST

-B!029 release announcement
due tomorrow or Thursday.