Monday, September 16, 2002

-Another busy music weekend:
Wire played at Metro on Saturday
night. I last saw them in 1987,
and they showed that they can
really crank for a bunch of geezers.
As displayed on the recent "Read
& Burn" discs, they have returned
to a more stripped down guitar
assault...distorted and heavy.
Milemarker made for a smart opener,
but they got a bit tedious after
a while.
Queens of the Stone Age and
...And You Will Know Us by the
Trail of Dead played at the
Riviera on Sunday night. T.O.D.
had a nice long set, and they
seemed to have no problem
making the transition from small
clubs to a large theater stage.
They still trashed their stuff...
Q.O.T.S.A. played a big, slick
hard rock set. No surprises,
but a solid set, nonetheless.