Monday, November 18, 2002

-First off, many thanks to
everyone in Milan - for the
amazing hospitality: Calliope
(+ Nana), Laura, Paolo, Keri,
Andrea, Christina, Andrea,
Claudio, Rosangela, Tiberiu,
Alice, E.C. Marghen, and Milo
-Aside from the obvious art
overload, we saw Interpol
and Techno Animal while we
were there.
-Ensemble Sacres Garcons "ll"
was discussed and put back
into play. Details to follow...

-Some shows, since returning:
Another great Warlocks show
last week...excellent psychedelic
music, in a bigger room, this time.
Saturday: Plastic Crimewave (nice
noise, rock, psychedelic, punk,
garage), followed by Wolf Eyes
(who again brought their early-
S.P.K. crossed with Brighter Death
Now assault, which could blow
just about any power-electronics,
noise, or industrial band off of the
stage. Why aren't you listening
to them?), followed by Black
Dice (noisey grindcore, now turned
Tangerine Dream - do not believe
the hype). Last night, Savage
Republic played the last show of
their one-week reunion tour.
16 years after last seeing them,
on the fateful "night of broken
arms," they delivered a great
show, fire, and all.