Monday, June 09, 2003

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INTRINSIC ACTION "Groupies" 7" (Bloodlust! 032)

This official version of Groupies differs from 12" pic disc released before this. Final version has more details and more sounds. It is not so monotone. There is thrown in analogue noises and feedback's, which are not constant, but come and go to create great atmosphere. Version on the pic disc was just a demo, and this one is clearly much better. Sometimes in past I disliked vocals, but during the years have learned to like them a lot. They are personal and gives weight to lyrical content, which is good in case of this 7". On the b-side there is "Wisdom" what could be one of the noisiest I.A. tracks. Heavy and distorted bass sounds of synth, piercing high pitched drone and brutal feedback noise. Some very low bassy distant sounds can be heard as well. One could compare this to "Movement" – tracks of Whitehouse, but would I dare to say I.A. succeed to do it better?! In the end of track is some distorted moaning voices and rock'n'roll, and would I hear the religious choirs on the background? Someone declares "this is the end" and all stops there. Cover says: "The power surge is over and New York has been drained dry. Times Square is finished and the west has been lost. Time for bloody minds to head to Chicago..." This is very essential 7" for I.A. Unfortunately limited to mere 100 copies. Grey marble vinyl, professionally printed covers and overall very good quality. Bloodlust may still have some copies while you read this, so you have the last chances to get it. (M)