Thursday, August 07, 2003


BloodLust! August 2003 update


Now In Stock:

Deathpile "G.R." CD (Hospital Productions/Force of Nature) $12.00
(This highly recommended, intense new power-electronics
full-length release focuses on the Green River Killer case)



BLOODYMINDED short sleeve T-shirt - LAST FEW
(black w/white text and red "leaf" design - extra large only)
$12.00 USA/$17.00 Air Mail - postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "Pro-Ana" button
(green and white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "Odum 12/15/01" button
(red and white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" button
(red and white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

Intrinsic Action logo button
(classic band name logo - white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail - postpaid


Compact discs:

BloodLust! 001 BLOODYMINDED "Trophy" $12.00
(ex-Intrinsic Action; 74 minute power-electronic debut;
released in 1996)

BloodLust! 029 Intrinsic Action "Sado-Electronics" $12.00
(Re-mastered re-release of the first I.A. CD from 1992;
New photographs and artwork; 74 minutes. First release
in a series of I.A. archival reissues)

BloodLust! 040 BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" $12.00
(Guests include X. Laradji of "Timeless" magazine; P. Bandera of
Sshe Retina Stimulants; A. Chiaravalli of Iugula-Thor; A. Nakajima of
Aube; J. Canady of Deathpile; and J. Balistreri of Slogun; features a
Quicktime video for "Chinatown" - from "Trophy" CD)

AWB 016 "Buyer's Market" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(By Peter Sotos; serial murder, child killings, victim's families;
engineered by Steve Albini)

Intrinsic Action / Iugula-Thor "Ensemble Sacres Garcons" (Old Europa Cafe) $12.00
(Heavy power-electronics collaboration in attractive packaging)

Sshe Retina Stimulants "Some Whores and a Camera Zaibatsu" (O.E.C.) $12.00
(Collaboration w/The Sodality, Ant-Zen, Aube, Mark Solotroff - w/nice booklet)

Sshe Retina Stimulants "Ketsueki No Eiga" (Self Abuse) $10.00
(Totally frozen electronic frequencies)



[Please note that all BloodLust! limited edition singles are high quality,
colored vinyl pressings, housed in deluxe inner-sleeves, with printed covers]

BloodLust! 020 BLOODYMINDED "West" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on white vinyl; heavy NYC power-electronics
dealing w/West-side hookers)

BloodLust! 028 Sshe Retina Stimulants "Amplifiers" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl; ice-crystal frequencies from NG5361)

BloodLust! 032 Intrinsic Action "Groupies" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on grey marble vinyl); the only Authorized Version
of this cult track - beware of the inferior bootlegs!)

BloodLust! 035 Deathpile "Abominations" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on red vinyl; heavy-duty power-electronics
with graphic sleeve art)

BloodLust! 036 Iugula-Thor "Night!" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on blue marble vinyl; Live tracks from
Deadly Actions 3)

BloodLust! 037 Murder Corporation "Gaydog" 7" $12.00
(limited to 100 copies on gold vinyl; murderous Italian electronics
with maniacal vocals)

BloodLust! 038 Jim Goodall "Sacred Prostitution" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on green vinyl; archival recordings from
ex-Whitehouse and Medicine member)

BloodLust! 042 Mauthausen Orchestra "Lost In Boyz Town" 7" $12.00 - LAST FEW
(limited to 100 copies on grey marble vinyl; new "noise-chill"
material from Italy's filthiest artist!)

AWB 015 Final Solution "Do As You're Told" 7" $4.00
(Two classic tracks by this NYC power-electronics trio)

AWB 018 Intrinsic Action "Adult Books And Video" 7" $4.00
(4 song 1993 tour single - live power-electronics - in poster sleeve)

Surgical Stainless Steel "Woman Hater" 7" (Self Abuse) $4.00 - LAST FEW
(Of BLOODYMINDED + I.A.; from "Murder Series" - edition of 250)



BloodLust! 011 Deathpile "Gashbutcher" $8.00 - LAST FEW
(edition of 100 in vinyl case; includes a cover of I.A.'s "Sado-Electronics")

BloodLust! 024 Dead Body Love "Repugnance" $8.00
(edition of 100 in vinyl case; ultra heavy Italian power-electronics)

BloodLust! 025 Atrax Morgue "Extended Autoerotic Death" $8.00
(edition of 100 in vinyl case; re-mix/re-master of out of print B! tape
- reworked by Mark Solotroff)

BloodLust! S8L Super Eight Loop $350.00
(Limited box set of 50 x C-60; of BLOODYMINDED + Intrinsic Action;
heavy, dense analog synth work from mid 1990's; includes
postage in U.S.A., please inquire for Air Mail rates)

Mark Solotroff "A Venom In The Blood" (Old Europa Cafe) $8.00 - LAST FEW
(Heavy analog electronics from series of solo releases
including B! 000, B! 008, L.T.Z., G.R.O.S.S., Slaughter)


Sale Items:

[Limited quantities in stock - please inquire
about availability before sending payment]

Dead World "Dead World"/"Song Of Age" 7" (Release/Relapse) $3.00
(Ultra dark industrial metal - limited!)

Iugula-Thor "The Wheel Of The Process" 12" (Minus Habens) $5.00
(Their classic 1st release)

Iugula-Thor/Sshe Retina Stimulants "Performance Ranges" 7" (Self Abuse) $3.00
(Grey marble vinyl)


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