Friday, November 21, 2003

-New eBay auctions are up.
Please note that the duplicate (second) Archon Satani (.1912.) cassette - starting at $19.99 - is actually the In Slaughter Natives "s/t" cassette (1989, Cold Meat Industry, CMI.04).

Thursday, November 20, 2003

BLOODYMINDED wishes to warmly thank everyone who played at, attended, put us up after, handed us compact discs, tapes, videos, etc. (which will take a while to get through!) during, and/or generally supported the three shows that we just finished. We had an amazing, amusing, intense, and draining trip. My voice is suitably shot…

-- Ypsilanti (Detroit) -- Elbow Room -- Tuesday November 11 --
Redrot - Ryan (Rotbrain / Creep / Drudge / Ghoul / Corpse / Fleetwood Vomit Monster / Speedway Metal Crusher)
Hive Mind - Grey (Ear-Destroyer / Low-End Theory Master / Bass-Bomb)
Dead Machines - Olson and Tovah (Suitcase Noise Master and Mistress - heavier than in August - excellent flyer!)
DJ Aaron Dilloway (Master of Napalmed Peel Sessions and 8 RPM Dub-Sludge - thank you for the gracious mail-order support, too!)
[Observations: Nice and loud - A small but vocal, and enthusiastic, crowd - It was very hard to keep a straight face - Sorry, Olson, but at that hour, a second encore seemed too extravagant - P. S. - What the fuck…Birth Refusal "Gacy Kills Boys 666"? Why don't I have this? Is it a rebuttal? Aaron + Grey: Thanks for letting us have a sleep over party, again. Hippy Hash rules!!! It is a food…]

-- Brooklyn – Northsix -- Friday November 14 --
Kyle Lapidus - Ignivomous (Thank you for the booking and the promotion)
NTX + Deth Fur and Diamonds - (special guests who popped up???)
Sickness: Chris (Thank you for initially offering to get the show set up, for the intense noise crush, and for the overall weekend support)
Navicon Torture Technologies - Lee and extended crew - Tim/Dan (major support and promotion - really sorry that Sunday did not work out)
Slogun - John + Chris and Bryan (F.T.W. / I.U.A.Y. / 13 / R.B. -- Crowd-baiting, lug nuts, and the real deal -- T.C. / P.E.)
+ Chris: SKM-ETR (Thanks for popping back down to the USA - what happened at Customs?)
Jonathan and Suzie (For trekking in - and for hanging out in Chelsea on Saturday)
Alex - The Concrete Womb (Good to meet - again)
Peter Messina - Hydra / Beg for Eden / The Shipwreckers (VERY good to talk)
The Coeur Noir Letterpress crew (Thanks for the tour on Sunday)
Marlene - and Baby Dickers - (For making the trip - for videotaping - for being generally awesome fans)
++ Of course, Pieter Schoolwerth, for handing over his apartment, for playing synth, and especially for providing an incredible reason for us to be there in the first place.
[Observations: A pleasingly full room - people from all of my walks of life - the crowd kept screaming - we had a good balance of intense power-electronics and on-stage banter]

-- Providence -- The Sickle -- Sunday November 16 --
Peter Lee - Force of Nature Productions and Dark and Tranquil Place (for the persistent booking effort)
Steve and The Sickle staff/residents (for putting on the show - on such short notice)
Chris (for the high voltage sound)
Karlheinz - and Ariel Salomon - (Once again, Karl brought the mighty wall of noise - Thanks for the PA re-enforcement!)
White Mice - While I am not typically a fan of costume bands, I enjoyed their psychedelic grind noise)
:Moment: - Peter Lee / Dominick Fernow (Prurient/Hospital Productions) / Jeff Plummer (Immaculate:Grotesque/Truculent Recordings) - (Thank you for, ahem, stretching out your intense set, and for your wry observations on European military fashions for today’s industrial music man -- Jeff - thanks for the crash pad - fish tank sounds are soothing, and Rhode Island crêpes are tasty)
Suffering Bastard - (A worthy replacement for Dropdead [maybe next time?] - ultra-sick, grinding crusty punk, with nice black metal touches - "Wait for it" – brilliant!)
[Observations: Extremely loud double PA - an amazing place to play - a full room with a surprisingly, and a satisfyingly, adoring crowd - less humor on my part, we got down to more serious power-electronics]

Our most sincere apologies to anyone that we left off of this message…

For BLOODYMINDED -- November 2003 -- Ed Knigge - Chris Mack - Isidro Reyes (in absentia) - Mark Solotroff