Tuesday, February 24, 2004

BloodLust! New Release:
Artist: Intrinsic Action (1984 - 1995)
Title: "II"
Format: Compact Disc in standard jewel case
Catalog Number: B!046/Vestige CD 3
Genre: Power-Electronics/Industrial Noise

BloodLust! is happy to announce the release of the Intrinsic Action "II" CD. Originally recorded in April 1986, utilizing an Arp 2600 analog synthesizer, "II" was issued as a C-46 cassette, the band's second official release. "II" shows a different side of Intrinsic Action; one that was initially influenced by several prominent groups of the day, including Lustmord, Throbbing Gristle (in particular, their soundscape work), SPK, (early) Hunting Lodge, and Maurizio Bianchi (MB). "II" was released in January 1987, the month following the band's first live performance, in a numbered private edition of ten copies, and in a numbered public edition of 50 copies. Atrocity Network released a licensed numbered U.K. edition of 50 copies in 1988. The original recording was released as two connected sidelong instrumental pieces, however, for this re-release, master tapes were used to present the two pieces as the single 45-minute-long work that was originally recorded. As bonus tracks, four unreleased works, recorded during the same time period, demonstrate a heavier approach, and ultimately introduce vocals to the release.

Chris Greene, who has worked on numerous BloodLust! recording projects, engineered the ultramaximized master in January 2004, at Alien Soundscapes, Inc., Chicago. Jonathan Canady of Deathpile executed new graphic design work, evoking the original cassette cover, and following the format that he established on the previous Intrinsic Action archival CD releases, "Sado-Electronics" (B!029/Vestige CD 7) and "Bad Jack" (B!044/Vestige CD 5).

Track listing:
1. "II" (45:57)
2. "Monitor" (Excerpt) (9:01)
3. "Universal Time" (Excerpt) (5:05)
4. "Libidinal Ramblings" (Early Instrumental Version - Edit) (4:36)
5. "Denial" (Edit) (9:10)

Price: $12.00
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Foreign orders: please add $5.00 for the first CD, for Air Mail postage. Add $2.00 for each additional CD.
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