Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It has been brought to my attention that several BLOODYMINDED, Intrinsic Action, BloodLust!, and AWB Recording releases have been added to the Discogs website.
I have decided to slowly add to these various discographies.
As there have been a number of requests for information on Intrinsic Action releases, I am uploading a basic discography (not including compilation appearances).

I.A. [None] "Intrinsic Action" C-60 1985
I.A. [None] "II" C-46 1987
Atrocity Network [None] "II" C-46 1988
I.A. [None] "III" C-46 1987
Atrocity Network [None] "III" C-46 1988
Arbeit Recordings [002] "Bad Jack" C-60 1988
BloodLust! [044] "Bad Jack" CD 2003
AWB Recording [009] "Five" C-60 1988
AWB Recording [011] "Dazed" 7" 1989
I.A. [None] "Motivation" VHS 1990
I.A. [None] "Male Payment" 7" 1990
Tesco [006] "Sado-Electronics" CD 1992
BloodLust! [029] "Sado-Electronics" CD 2002
I.A. [None] "Male Payment"/"Shock Pit" C-10 1992 (Promo)
I.A. [None] "Manhattan Power Surge" 7" 1992
I.A. [None] "Electro-Death Suite" C-30 1992 (Promo)
AWB Recording [None] "Groupies/"Night Prowler" C-30 1992 (Promo)
AWB Recording [None] "Adult Books and Video" C-30 1993 (Promo)
AWB Recording [018] "Adult Books and Video" 7" 1993
I.A. [None] "Male Payment"/"Groupies" C-10 1994 (Promo)
Old Europa Café [CD004] "Ensemble Sacres Garcons" (with Iugula-Thor) CD 1995
BloodLust! [032] "Groupies" 7" 1997

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Recording sessions for the BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" compact disc (B! 045) continue this week. Last Thursday's sessions were very productive, and the basic structure of the electronics for the 10 long tracks is nearly complete. This week, we will attempt to complete the editing, the mixing, and the selection of the blast tracks, the vocals of which, have already been recorded. Vocal sessions for the long tracks are expected to be completed in February.

The Sunday March 28th show in Boston, has been confirmed for a venue called The Midway Cafe. We are still awaiting details for the New York show.