Monday, March 01, 2004


BloodLust! March 2004 update



The third Intrinsic Action archival compact disc (B! 046/Vestige CD 3),
"II," which includes the group's second official release, along with four
bonus tracks, plus new design work by Jonathan Canady, has been
released. The next archival release will be the band's fifth official cassette,
"Five," which was released by AWB Recording in October 1988. The
process of selecting bonus tracks is now underway.
(see Tuesday February 24 post for more details on I.A. "II")

A rough "vocal-less" mix of the forthcoming BLOODYMINDED compact disc,
"Gift Givers," is in hand. We are completing the writing process, prior to
returning to the studio, to record the vocals and to create the final mix.
Recording details will continue to be posted on the BloodLust! Weblog.

BLOODYMINDED is still scheduled to perform with Finland's Grunt,
and numerous other groups (e.g. Deathpile, Slogun, Taint, Sickness),
at three shows later this month:
NYC - 3/26 (Venue TBA)
Providence - 3/27 (The Living Room, 23 Rathbone Street)
Boston - 3/28 (Midway Cafe, 3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA)
Our very special guest is Xavier Laradji ("Timeless" magazine) from
Toulouse, France, performing with the band for the first time since
2001. Complete details will be sent out in a separate e-mail, closer
to the time of the shows. Please consult with Force of Nature Productions,
the tour's host, for details:


Now Sold Out:

BLOODYMINDED short sleeve T-shirt
BLOODYMINDED "Odum" button
"Buyer's Market" CD
Surgical Stainless Steel "Woman Hater" 7"



BLOODYMINDED "Mothercare" pin
(black and white text on red/orange - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "Pro-Ana" button
(green and white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" button
(red and white text on black - 1" pin)
$1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail @ postpaid

BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" vinyl sticker
(black with white type - approximately 4 1/4" x 1 1/2")
2 stickers for $1.00 USA/$2.00 Air Mail - postpaid

Intrinsic Action logo button
(classic band name logo - white text on black - 1" pin)
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Intrinsic Action logo vinyl sticker (NEW)
(black with white type - approximately 4 1/4" x 1 1/2")
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Compact discs:

BloodLust! 001 BLOODYMINDED "Trophy" $12.00
(Ex-Intrinsic Action; 47 song, 74-minute power-electronic debut;
Released in 1996)

BloodLust! 029 Intrinsic Action "Sado-Electronics" $12.00
(Re-mastered re-release of the first I.A. CD from 1992; New photographs
and artwork; 74 minutes. First release in a series of I.A. archival reissues;
Released in 2002; Vestige CD 7)

BloodLust! 040 BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" $12.00
(Guests include X. Laradji of "Timeless" magazine; P. Bandera of
Sshe Retina Stimulants; A. Chiaravalli of Iugula-Thor; A. Nakajima of
Aube; J. Canady of Deathpile; and J. Balistreri of Slogun; Features a
Quicktime video for "Chinatown" - from "Trophy" CD; Released in 2002)

BloodLust! 041 BLOODYMINDED "Mothercare" CD-single
($5.00 USA/$6.00 Air Mail @ postpaid)
(Two live songs and one new studio recording - all intense "blast" tracks
- packaged in a full-color, printed cardboard sleeve; Released in 2003)

BloodLust! 044 Intrinsic Action "Bad Jack" CD $12.00
(Re-mastered re-release of the fourth I.A. cassette, originally issued in
1988 on Arbeit Recordings; With bonus tracks and new photographs
and artwork; 71 minutes; Released in 2003; Vestige CD 5)

BloodLust! 046 Intrinsic Action "II" CD $12.00
(Re-mastered re-release of the second I.A. cassette, originally issued
in 1987; With four bonus tracks and new artwork; Over 73 minutes long;
Released in 2004; Vestige CD 3)

Intrinsic Action / Iugula-Thor "Ensemble Sacres Garcons"
(Old Europa Cafe) $12.00
(Heavy power-electronics collaboration in attractive black and silver
oversized packaging)

Sshe Retina Stimulants "Some Whores and a Camera Zaibatsu"
(O.E.C.) $12.00
(Collaboration w/The Sodality, Ant-Zen, Aube, Mark Solotroff
- w/nice booklet featuring art and text)



[Please note that all BloodLust! limited edition singles are
high quality, colored vinyl pressings, housed in deluxe inner-
sleeves, with printed covers]

BloodLust! 020 BLOODYMINDED "West" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on white vinyl; heavy power-electronics dealing
w/West-side NYC hookers)

BloodLust! 028 Sshe Retina Stimulants "Amplifiers" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl; ice-crystal frequencies from NG5361)

BloodLust! 032 Intrinsic Action "Groupies" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on grey marble vinyl); the only Authorized Version
of this cult track - beware of the inferior bootlegs!)

BloodLust! 035 Deathpile "Abominations" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on red vinyl; heavy-duty power-electronics
with graphic sleeve art)

BloodLust! 036 Iugula-Thor "Night!" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on blue marble vinyl; Live tracks
from Deadly Actions 3)

BloodLust! 037 Murder Corporation "Gaydog" 7" $12.00
(limited to 100 copies on gold vinyl; murderous Italian electronics with
maniacal vocals)

BloodLust! 038 Jim Goodall "Sacred Prostitution" 7" $12.00 (LAST FEW)
(limited to 100 copies on green vinyl; archival recordings from
ex-Whitehouse and Medicine member)

AWB 015 Final Solution "Do As You're Told" 7" $4.00
(Two classic tracks by this NYC power-electronics trio;
released in 1992)

AWB 018 Intrinsic Action "Adult Books And Video" 7" $4.00
(4 song 1993 tour single - live power-electronics
- in fold-out 14" x 14" sleeve)



BloodLust! 024 Dead Body Love "Repugnance" $8.00
(edition of 100 in vinyl case; ultra heavy Italian power-electronics)

BloodLust! 025 Atrax Morgue "Extended Autoerotic Death" $8.00
(edition of 100 in vinyl case; re-mix/re-master of out of print B! tape
- reworked by Mark Solotroff)

BloodLust! S8L Super Eight Loop (Box Set) $350.00
(50 x C-60 collection; by Mark Solotroff of Intrinsic Action and
BLOODYMINDED; Heavy, dense analog synth work from mid 1990's;
In homage to early '80's power-electronics/industrial; Includes postage
in U.S.A. only, please inquire about Air Mail rates)

Mark Solotroff "A Venom In The Blood"
(Old Europa Cafe) $8.00 (LAST FEW)
(Heavy analog electronics from series of solo releases
including B! 000, B! 008, L.T.Z., G.R.O.S.S., Slaughter)


Sale Items:

[Limited quantities in stock -
Please inquire about availability before sending payment]

Dead World "Dead World"/"Song Of Age" 7" (Release/Relapse) $3.00
(Ultra dark industrial metal - limited!)

Iugula-Thor "The Wheel Of The Process" 12" (Minus Habens) $5.00
(Their classic 1st release)

Iugula-Thor/Sshe Retina Stimulants "Performance Ranges" 7"
(Self Abuse) $3.00
(Grey marble vinyl)

Sshe Retina Stimulants "Ketsueki No Eiga" CD (Self Abuse) $8.00
(Totally frozen electronic frequencies)


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- USA orders: please add $2.00 for 1st cassette, CD, or 7",
or $4.00 for the 1st 12"/LP for 1st Class postage.
Add $1.00 for each additional item.

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