Saturday, August 06, 2005

Our pal Nicole sent this link to an iheartnoise post that has a small batch of photos that she shot at Birthday Destroyer III:

Friday, August 05, 2005

I just watched the Paris Hilton green night vision video from the Ortmann-Solotroff show the other night. It was O.K., but a bit dull to sit through. Sorry if the live experience was similarly uneventful. What did you expect? As mentioned, the sound recording came out well, and I hope to check out the rehearsal recordings ASAP.

Tomorrow night looks promising: Shifosi, Countdown to Armaggedon, Hiretsukan, plus more TBA - 7:00 PM - $7.00 - 1461 W. Chicago Ave. (near Ashland) - Red door to the 2nd floor - Countdown to Armaggedon is brilliantly self-described as "Joy Division giving Discharge a hi-five." 'Nuff said. I will try to get over to the Empty Bottle in time to see Ten-Ton, too.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just a quick post... The show at Nihilist HQ was a blast. It was a cool mix of harsh noise, synth punk, junk culture, and feedbacking electric guitar. I believe that I somewhat imposed myself upon the awesome Hazmat set, but it all seemed O.K. with Tony (who figures heavily in our forthcoming Street Level video). There was a nice party atmosphere to offset the staircase challenge to get to the space and the oppresive heat once you got in there. It was great to see the Milwaukee crew in the house - true fucking Midwest unity! In the haze of the night, I only managed to introduce myself to one of the out-of-town guests - Gordon, I believe - and when I woke up this morning, I realized that they had spent the night elsewhere. Sorry... best of luck to Oscillating Innards and Pedestrian Deposit on the rest of their trip. Best of luck also to Snuppy the clone (I now know that its name is a deliberate play on "Snoopy" and is a contraction of Seoul National University Puppy). Looking forward to the next Vigilante show. Now, I need to get the last 20 hours of my life back...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I am heading off in a bit to do this show with Andy Ortmann (scroll down for details). Between work on the new album and preparations for this show, I am developing a greater understanding of old interviews that I read in which Jimmy Page complained about having an extremely sore shoulder...

An item about "Gift Givers" was found here, along with two mp3s from the CD:

Monday, August 01, 2005

We have received news that Koji Tano has succumbed to the intestinal cancer that he had been battling. BloodLust! released the MSBR cassette, "Mental Dissolution" (B!009) in 1995, and in that same year, Intrinsic Action appeared with MSBR on the "Exploration One" CD, released by our mutual friend Praveer Baijal, on his Body and Blood Exploration label.
Saturday, July 30, 2005
RLE Recordings Live Actions 002
McKinley Foundation Westminster Hall
Champaign, IL

Mark Solotroff
Climax Denial

Thanks to Nick for getting this thing set up so quickly and for the great hospitality. Nick is a man of extremes. With him, hot equals boiling hot and cold equals freezing cold. Nick also had blood and hair in his bathroom sink. Something may have died there. Had I had more time, I would have combed his place for more evidence. I was too busy DJing. Sorry. The Silvum set was definitely more intense than the one that I saw/heard in February. There were some really gritty tones in the air. No notations were made, though. Damn. I am definitely looking forward to digging into these Silvum CDs. Wilt also turned in a heavier and more dynamic set than at the February show. James and Dan brought on an intense improvisation that filled the room really nicely. Oh, and Mr. Keeler seems to be from a place called Sadorus! Holy shit, what a name. Thanks go to James and Alex for letting me jump in on their tour stop. The Pitstain and Climax Denial sets were both great. James has some curious wardrobe elements to go with his destroyed funky beats (early Esplendor Geometrico fans might want to take note), while Alex delivered another great hunk of junk noise power-electronics, building on his July 3 show here in Chicago. Go see these guys on tour if you can and support Milwaukee electronics. Thanks also to them for the new cassettes. As for my performance, I could tell right away that my sound was not at all right, and in my frustration of trying to sort everything out, I neglected to deliver on the "in your face" act that I had hoped for. I did get some really positive feedback about the set being "intense" and "emotional," and the MiniDisc recording that I made came out really well. Alex came up with a funny quip about "Edward Microphonehands." Thanks also to Eamon, for the awesome support ALL DAMN YEAR (sorry to have doubted your sage parking knowledge), to Chris and to Nick's brother (name? sorry) for the help with set-up, etc., Shane Tappa from Milwaukee, who I have already seen in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Detroit, this year, and to the other hardy souls who came out to church on Saturday night. Westminster Hall was definitely a cool space to play. There was much more ambiance than there was in the basement, and it is right next to the pre-school and kindergarten classrooms. How convenient is that?!?