Thursday, August 25, 2005

24 AUGUST 2005
Chicago, IL
Aids Wolf
Carlos Giffoni

Ed Knigge – Synth + Vocals

Chris Mack – Synth
Isidro Reyes – Synth
Mark Solotroff – Vocals + Synth

04. “TROPHY”
05. “AS IF”
10. “PRO-ANA”
11. “PRO-MIA”
17. “MANTRA”

A sizeable, diverse audience climbed the steps to Enemy last night, which was great to see, and I think that a few of the Burberry-toting girls in the crowd might have mistakenly come in thinking that they were at the Institute show that was down the street at the packed Double Door, unrewardingly looking around the space for a glimpse of Gavin Rossdale.

After a quick shirt change by Andy Ortmann from one peculiar vintage short-sleeve button-up to another, Panicsville started things off, coming out as a two-piece, with Jeremy Fisher back in the fold – and back on the Sparks – whacking out a beat on some kind of Fisher-Price-type device, while Andy, bathed in the glow of a laptop – not his – worked the MS-20 to great effect.

I do not get it; we pared down our set list a bit, and we kept it full of blast songs, but somehow we still went over 26 minutes. I thought that this was a sub-20-minute set, for sure. Oh well, there was good audience energy and response, so fuck it. Maybe we will strip it down even more for next week’s show at Nihilist. We tried out two songs from “Gift Givers” that we have never done live before – “Organization” and “Ten Suicides” – with the later one working out better in my opinion. The great PA definitely worked to our advantage, as things sounded crystal-clear to all of us.

Mr. No Fun Carlos Giffoni came on after us and created a thick wall of sound with an interesting pairing of a laptop and a totally cute little custom made analog synth (along with various other gadgets), which really benefited from the big bass-box that the space had. His sound heated up to a point that he overloaded and took out one of the Mackie powered speakers for about ten minutes, but happily, it came back on as he wrapped up a solid set of heavy electronics.

Aids Wolf ended the night with a raw set of chaotic, noisy punk that benefited from the energetic audience. The almost soothing didgeridoo introduction was no indication of the spastic whirlwind that was to follow. Super-nice folks, too. Make sure that you check them out in your hometown.

Thanks to Jason - and to Eric - for having this show at Enemy. Thanks to Andy for organizing it and for including us. Thanks to Carlos and Aids Wolf for passing through Chicago, and for the kind words about our show. Likewise to Mark from Kitty Play Records --- if you do not already have the Vegas Martyrs 7” that he put out, then act quickly. Thanks, as always, to Marlene and to Vanessa, for catching our performance on videotape. Thanks to our friends who have been so supportive at our shows. Sniffle-sniffle.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The test pressing for the first release in the new BloodLust! private 7-inch series has been approved. An official announcement regarding the record's release date will be made in the September update, but it looks like it will be mid-month. The next release will be sent to the plant in quick succession.

Now confirmed:

Saturday September 3, 2005
9:00 PM
$5.00 Donation


2255 S. Michigan Avenue, 4E
Chicago, IL 60616

Sword Heaven
(Columbus, OH - Pummeling drums + noise in a Swans-Wolf Eyes-Sabbath vein)

Dead Sea
(Columbus, OH - Ultra-heavy, progressive, dark doom metal)

Behold! The Living Corpse
(Chicago, IL - New line-up with members of Dark Fog, Gunshop, Panicsville, and Zombi)

(Chicago, IL - What was the best day of your life?)

Total Recall
(Chicago, IL - Members of Coughs - final show)

+ DJs John Olson and Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes/Hair Police)


Sunday September 4, 2005
7:00 PM
Admission: Free

The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Alternate Currents: Art by, for, and about music, featuring John Olson of Wolf Eyes, Dead Machines, etc.

Tentative line-up (complete details TBA):

Live music from

Birth Refusal
(John Olson and Mike Connelly - Wolf Eyes/Hair Police/etc.)

Mark Solotroff
(BLOODYMINDED screamer - solo set + DJ set: spinning death rock, minimal synth, etc.)

+ More TBA

Monday, August 22, 2005

Final reminder:

Monotract member and No Fun Fest founder Carlos Giffoni, from New York, will join Montreal's Aids Wolf, along with Panicsville and BLOODYMINDED, both from Chicago, at the recently christened space, Enemy, in Chicago's Wicker Park.

1550 N. Milwaukee Avenue
3rd Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Doors: 8:00 PM
Music: 9:00 PM
Donation: $5.00

Carlos Giffoni
Aids Wolf


From the Chicago Reader, Friday August 19, 2005:

AIDS WOLF, CARLOS GIFFONI Montreal's AIDS WOLF are an immense onslaught of terrorizing chigger-itch guitar and smash-crash-bash drumming, fronted by a woman who screams and whines like she's channeling all the PMS in the world. Judging from the handful of songs on their MySpace page--the only music they've got available so far--their brand of what's now embarrassingly called "noise punk" is uncut foamy-mouthed straitjacket rock. Out of nowhere the steel-wool intensity of "Panty Mind" stops cold, and it's like somebody's tipping back your head and dabbing at your wounds with a psychedelic pastiche of cymbal gusts, keening vocals, and twiddle-and-heave guitars--and then kicking you back out into the wilderness, dizzy and alone, when the pounding and screaming start again. They sound like teenage dirtbag Hessians just damaged enough to blossom into noise nerds, but in fact singer Chloe Lum and drummer Yannick Desranleau run a pretty successful screen-printing company called Seripop. And actually I think it's scarier when people who have their shit together get totally out of control. --Liz Armstrong

As a member of Monotract and the curator of New York's annual celebration of lo-fi chaos the No Fun fest, CARLOS GIFFONI has earned his stripes as a noise maniac--and last year's North Six (Antiopic), a three-inch CD that captures an August 2003 live performance with Jim O'Rourke and Lee Ranaldo, is awash with howling distortion, snake-charmer feedback squiggles, and lacerating splashes of old-fashioned white noise. But Giffoni's music can also be surprisingly contemplative and involving, as he proves on a new solo release called The Beauty of Skylines (Feld), another live recording on three-inch CD. It opens with warm swells of organ digitally diced into rhythmic bits that almost add up to a catchy groove, but within a few minutes abstraction wins the tug-of-war with danceability and the piece opens up into a whirlwind of unidentifiable sounds that dart between extremes in density, color, texture, and volume. --Peter Margasak

AIDS Wolf headlines and Giffoni plays third; locals Bloodyminded and Panicsville open. 9 PM, Enemy, 1550 N. Milwaukee, third floor, 312-493-3657, $5 donation requested.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Irritating holding patterns... waiting for test pressings... trying to sort out some rapidly approaching early-September opportunities...

Also, I am making inquiries about the weekend of October 7-9 in NYC. Pieter Schoolwerth has an art opening on Saturday the 8th (details to follow). I am looking into a couple of solo/collaborative possibilities for Friday and/or Sunday...