Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the shows this weekend.

Friday night's basement show was a lot of fun. It was nice see a bunch of familiar faces and to meet so many people from all over the place... Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. Even though it was a pretty low-key, party type of a night, everyone who played brought on maximum intensity. The multi-tiered Will Soderberg (log!)/Roxanne Jean Polise/Silvum set kicked things off very nicely, the Wigwam and Mildew sets upped the dose, Pat/Sisprum Vish added the necessary glitter, and the solo Silvum set was an excellent cap to the show. Watch for him at the Empty Bottle at the end of March... Thanks especially, to Steev/Roxanne Jean Polise, for setting up a great night! Charlie Draheim's absence was noted, but I have a test pressing of his excellent forthcoming Tone Filth LP on right now to make up for it... Grab it when it comes out!

Saturday's early event at the University of Chicago was definitely an odd one to be a part of, but everything went very smoothly. Thanks to Courtney, Julia, Ben, and everyone else from the Film Studies Center and from WHPK, who pulled off such an enjoyable evening. Thanks to Marlene, Ed, Jessica, Don, Heather, Lloyd, Charlie, and Grey, and everyone else who checked out my performance.

The Kevin Drum, Macronympha, Wolf Eyes show at the Empty Bottle was a blast to hang out at. It was a great way to end an intense week of shows and label nonsense and it was fun to run into so many friends from all over the place.

Special thanks to Marlene for the awesome "longest brunch in the world" on Sunday!!!

Monster March update to follow soon...