Monday, September 04, 2006

Brutal Truth show DJ setlist

Here is my playlist from last night’s Brutal Truth / Pig Destroyer / Minsk / Plaguebringer show at the Double Door. It was an intense night, and the packed club witnessed four very heavy-duty sets. Brutal Truth seemed to pick up where they left off all those years ago. I never thought that I would be watching them play again, but they were every bit as powerful as the first time I saw them play with Pungent Stench in 1992 at the Marquee.

01. Sickness “The Need To Cut”
02. Missing Foundation “Burn Trees”
03. Lustmord “Murderwrecker”
04. The Concrete Womb “Crawling”
05. CRASS “Yes Sir, I will.” (excerpt)
06. Brighter Death Now “DeathKomh.”
07. Iugula-Thor “Truescenes” (excerpt)
08. Flux Of Pink Indians “Punk”
09. Swans “Power For Power”
10. Mayhem “Silvester Anfang” / ”Deathcrush”
11. The Sisters Of Mercy “Afterhours”
12. Mammal “Fog III” (excerpt)
13. Cadaver In Drag “Abuse 2” (excerpt)
14. Hair Police “Let’s See Who’s Here And Who’s Not”
15. Sutcliffe Jugend “Pleasure Corpse”
16. Wolf Eyes “Stabbed In The Face” (album version)
17. Slogun “Streetcleaner”
18. Prurient “Silent Mary”
19. Hive Mind “Death Tone” (excerpt)
20. Envenomist “Delving”
21. Deathpile “Abominations Of The Flesh”
22. M.O. “Raising Vapours”
23. Discharge “The Possibility of Life’s Destruction”
24. Eyehategod “Hostility Dose”
25. Winter “Power And Might”
26. Hellhammer “The Third Of The Storms”
27. Christian Death “Romeo’s Distress”
28. Brainbombs “Jack The Ripper Lover”
29. Siouxsie And The Banshees “Night Shift”

FYI: Tracks 12-22 were played between Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth, with explicit instructions from Kevin Sharp to “make it tense” before Brutal Truth went on… I got some dirty looks from some metal heads… Thanks to Kevin, for asking me to spin. Thanks to the production and sound crew at the Double Door, for making it so easy. Thanks to Velcro Lewis, for sharing the workload with me.