Monday, September 25, 2006

Mail Order, eBay, etc.

- All outstanding mail-order and eBay items (since Thursday) are packed up and will be brought to the Post Office tomorrow

- More new items were listed on eBay today

- The flyer for the October 13th show is up on the Flickr site

- Isidro and I are sorting out the details for the first release by The Fortieth Day. Details should follow very soon...

- I watched the season finale of "Brotherhood" on Showtime last night. All in all, I thought that the series was pretty decent. The third episode of "The Wire" on HBO was good. So far, this season is looking really strong.

- I totally OD'd on Celtic Frost today, in honor of Saturday's show show. By OD'd, I mean I listened to everything, including "Cold Lake" and "Vanity Nemesis." Whether I do a quick Hellhammer retrospective tomorrow (demos, etc.) remains to be seen. Any Warhammer fans out there?

- Tomorrow night is the start of Animal Law... more on that shortly, I hope...