Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Vague Disquiet sessions, etc.

- So, I guess that those Reversible Eye photos disappeared pretty quickly. I am looking into them re-appearing somehow.

- Tonight saw a really fruitful A Vague Disquiet session. We tested out some new rhythm tracks that Isidro has been working on. We are slowly working towards an LP, so results like tonight's are really encouraging. We plan to do some more work tomorrow, to keep the momentum going.

- Megan Emish is hard at work on the M.O. "Smooth Hate" 7-inch design. Once it is wrapped up, the silkscreening can be executed. Everything seems to be on schedule for the mid-October release.

- Cool show last night at Nihilist. Good to see Ghost Ice and Sick Llama again and nice to see Newton for the first time.

- Hive Mind will be playing at the Empty Bottle on Thursday, as part of the Wire magazine Adventures in Modern Music festival. Amazing! Om is playing there on Saturday, but Celtic Frost is in town that night, so I will probably opt for the nostalgic show...

- The eBay machine chugs onwards...