Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bad Internet

- Apologies for the brief disappearance, but my Internet connection was knocked out early Monday morning, and the big storm in Chicago last night did not seem to help. Things appear to be back to normal, as of now, and I should be all caught up with mail-order requests and eBay invoices. I will start adding new stuff to eBay tomorrow.

- Tonight, there was another meeting with the Animal Law folks, this heavy rock/sludge band that I am starting to work with. Due to people's schedules, etc., there will probably not be a lot of progress over the next month, or so. This is okay, as it will give me time to start messing around with lyrics, and it will allow Isidro and I to continue moving forward with the developing A Vague Disquiet tracks.

- Speaking of AVD, Pieter is off to Germany, Wednesday morning, with a few lucky Wierd Records artists, bound for a record release party and show, as part of Friday and Saturday's Neon-Welt Festival at Discothek Zwischenfall in Bochum. Sadly, Isidro and I could not join them for this extravaganza... Also, there is an AVD track on the Wierd MySpace page (link at left), for those who want a sneak peak of the sleazy, out-of-sync, lower lifestyles...

- Isidro and I went to see Destroyer 666 and Cianide last night. Fun show. Pretty intense. There was a major old-school trash and death metal element to the night. Lots of guys were wearing matching, really oversized, sleeveless denim jackets, with backpatches, and with numerous smaller band patches all over them. The weirdest moment of the night, however, was when I saw a huge skinhead in a Skrewdriver "Hail The New Dawn" T-shirt hug a metalhead in a Napalm Death T-shirt with the fetus image ("Mentally Murdered"?). That only could have been topped if the N.D. shirt was the "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" design. And it was the end of Yom Kippur, even!