Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mail order + eBay

- All outstanding eBay and mail-order packages were mailed today, not including mail-orders that include paid pre-orders for the new cassette by The Fortieth Day, or for Super Eight Loop 9 and 59, which are all officially out tomorrow. Those packages will be put together over the weekend, but please note that the Post Office is closed on Monday, in observance of Columbus Day. I imagine that I will do a big mail run on Tuesday.

- Recent listening has included near-non-stop spins of Serena-Maneesh - still - along with numerous CDs and an LP, either by Skull Defekts or Joachim and Henrik solo. I have played the recent live Sutcliffe Jugend CD numerous times, too. Post-Celtic Frost, I have been intermittently binging on Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, along with HH/CF worship-or-influenced stuff, including Warhammer, Usurper, and even Cianide, not to mention raw mid-1990s black metal, like Darkthrone and Mayhem. I guess that I really need to get the new Goatwhore CD. I liked Acid Bath alright, and I was really intrigued by the glitter/glam related project, Agents of Oblivion. I want to delve into more Mexican and South American stuff that I have not played in ages, to see if it still has a strong Frost connection for me. Also on the pop side of things, there is a mix CD in Marlene's car with two consectutive tracks that I constantly seem to scan back to... Phoenix "Long Distance Call (25hrs a Day remix)" and Fiery Furnaces "Here Comes The Summer"... both songs have rather pretty, melancholy lyrics, hidden in nice pop tunes. Goodbye summer, really...