Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday re-cap

- I went to see EaVil, Chromatics, and Glass Candy last night at the Empty Bottle. The show was excellent. I was really amazed by how EaVil has progressed since their autosuggestion show at Enemy, earlier this year. They sounded great, they seemed relaxed and confident on stage, and their new songs are really strong. It is worth noting that their long intro was heading into the early-industrial-bodering-on-noise realm and it was great! Chromatics had a different line-up/set-up compared to their previous, recent show here and they were back to sounding a bit less cocaine-disco (Charlie Draheim's great term!) and a bit more dark post-punk. They played a very satisfying mixture of old and new songs. Glass Candy was splendid, as always. Ida No saved most of her blood-curdling screams until later in their set, which made them all the more jarring when they arrived. The crowd was pretty amazing. It was very young mixed with rather old. A lot of people were interestingly/well-dressed. Girls were dancing intimately with girls, and boys were doing the same with other boys... There was a lot of energy for a Sunday night, even if the crowd was not gigantic. It was fun to run into so many people there, too.

- Today's office ambience: Chromatics and Glass Candy tour demo CD-Rs, Jucifer "If Thine Enemy Hunger"

- Wrapping up M.O. 7-inch stuff tonight...