Monday, October 09, 2006


- Crazy local action today… During my normal Monday westbound run on Madison, which was earlier today than usual, I saw a large crowd ahead on my left, on a less-populated stretch of the road, near Kostner. I braced myself, thinking there might be some aggro, since there was no school today, but I soon saw that the people were older and that they were watching something across the street. I soon saw a number of police cars parked in front of the Born Losers M.C. storefront clubhouse on the north side of the street. I saw an officer leading a German Shepherd out of the building. I also saw a few dark grey vans --- and standing behind the vans were numerous members of the Chicago Police Department SWAT team, in full-on black, armored gear --- with assault rifles, etc. I can only guess what was going on… I have never had any problems going past the Born Losers, and the same goes for the Hells Lovers M.C., who are a few blocks away from us, at Homan and Lake Street (yeah, yeah… “under the tracks”). It was definitely one of those “right out of a movie” situations…

- Current listening: Wolf Eyes “Human Animal”